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 TARPON  FISHING TRIPS  Rio San Juan  Nicaragua

SNOOK FISHING TRIPS  Rio San Juan Nicaragua

San Carlos Sport Fishing

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 TARPON  FISHING TRIPS  Ro San Juan  Nicaragua

SNOOK FISHING TRIPS  Rio San Juan Nicaragu

San Carlos Sport Fishing

Jungle River Big Game Fishing  since 1998


La Esquina Del Lago, Jungle River Lodge, Rio San Juan, Nicaragua



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 TARPON  FISHING TRIPS  Rio San Juan  Nicaragua

SNOOK FISHING TRIPS  Rio San Juan Nicaragua

La esquina Del Lago

 Fishing Lodge, Tarpon Camp

  Rio San Juan Nicaragua  

 TARPON  FISHING TRIPS  Rio San Juan  Nicaragua

SNOOK FISHING TRIPS  Rio San Juan Nicaragu 


 Our  Tarpon Fishing Adventures on  Rio San Juan

  and Nicaragua Caribean Coast are Proffesionaly organised since 1998


* On  arrival we wait for Guests at Airports of Managua NICARAGUA  option available for Arrival in San Jose COSTA RICA

* Our WORLD CLASS FISHING  for tarpon 90lb- 200lb and Snook 15lb 40lb  IS IN UNIQUE JUNGLE RIVER SCENERY

* Tarpon fishing is Catch and Release for Tarpon We keep some Snook or Rainbow bass for dinner

* Fishing is in Protected area RESERVES and NATIONALPARKS where we are fully license to operate

* NO SAFETY PROBLEMS  Nicaragua is now rated as the safest Country in Central America 

   17 years than we are in activity received more than 2000 Guests .. We never had any problems

* 100% LEGAL COMPANY You are welcome to  ask for and check on our 4 licenses: INTUR, MARENA, MTI, INPESCA they are a MUST now to operate  Rio San Juan


Fall 2015 .... What´s going on ?

1) Reporting the usual great fishing  as well for Tarpon and Snook ALSO Rainbow bass and mojara in Solentiname Archipelago

2) It s Time to make reservation for trips fin high season 2016  ( January to May ) .. We still have availabilities  but week already fully booked .. Please consult  E-MAILPhilippe


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Welcome to Rio San Juan Tarpon Paradise wrote Bill Heavey in  FIELDS &  STREAMS MAGAZINE  6 pages article upon my operation... In the past we  also host  and have been filming  with  DISCOVERY CHANNEL Cyrill Chauquet , CNN EXTREME FISHING SHOW larry Dahlberg ,  WORLD FISHING NETWORK Marika  ,  SPORTFISHING MAG TV John Frazier  ... and many more Outdoor and Sport Fishing Celebrities & Medias.  In March 2014 we host  NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC  MONSTER FISH   a great 1 hour show broadcast world wide . 





Historical San Juan River River is an  Authentic  Off the Beaten path  destination .. 

  ( Precolombian vestiges , Colonial Times,  The Pirats, Gold Rush, Transoceanic Canal... Cousteau..)




    Welcome to Rio San Juan Tarpon Paradise    Wrote FIELD & STREAM Editor Bill Heavey in a 6 Pages article upon my Operation...                                               Our Tarpon World Class fishing Adventures  are  year round and fishing is in Optimum conditions  on Quiet  Flat fresh water...  Aboard 20 feet central  console boat with 2 Pro Guides...  Fight being from a large  Platform located in front of the boat                           Prime birding, Tropical Jungle discovery, History, are also part of the trip..                      Most of our  trips are in National Parks of  upper Rio San Juan and  Nicaragua Lake             Since two years  we also offer special trips going  down all the way ...120 miles  to the Caribbean sea where we fish the mouth of river ...                  We offer all inclusive Fishing Trip  Packages.         PROFESIONAL SERVICE              We wait for our Guests at International Airports of Managua Nicaragua or San Jose Costa Rica.                        We provide all Professional Tackles, Licenses and Permits                   Party can be from 1 till 12 anglers ..                 We are  glad to also receive Family, Couple, Children from 7 years old            Welcome to Tarpon &   Snook  Paradise


    sab3web.jpg (80254 bytes) snookauggar.jpg (59627 bytes) sab9.jpg (271328 bytes)  ta16.jpg (32510 bytes)

 What make our destination Unique is than we  CATCH & RELEASE GIANT TARPON AND SNOOK ALL YEAR ROUND .

Fishing can be on light Tackles...we have here an incredible mix of salt and Fresh water fish :  Tarpon  100lb - 250lb+    Snook 10lb-30lb+    Rainbow bass, Machaca, Mojara, Drums , Tropical Gar Etc...


 SAFETY FIRST No big waves or dangerous barra to pass !! FISHING IS IN IDEAL CONDITION  on  JUNGLE RIVER OR LAGOON FLAT   WATER  aboard nice Central T top Sport Fishing Boats ( 6  units ) You will fight fish Standing on a large Platform located in front of the boat or  from inside siting in one of the chairs...     Tarpon 90lb - 250lb, Snook 10lb - 30lb  are present  all year round. Tarpon fishing is catch and release  IGFA Rules, Barbless hooks. No gaff we Grab tarpon by lower jaw. Also around: Large Snook, Rainbow bass, Machaca, Tiger Bass, Mojara...


We guide according to your style of fishing   it can be Conventional ( Spinning, Bait Casting, Trolling, Jigging.. ) or Fly Fishing . We have all the Pro Equipments,... Guides are trained to all Techniques

Tarpon fishing is GREAT ALL YEAR ROUND Conventional ( Bait Casting, Trolling,  Spinning. ) and Fly Fishing  

Fishing is in optimum condition on quiet jungle river fresh water...  

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Tarpon fishing Trips are 100% Safe & Professionally organize Since 1998....   

On arrival we wait for our Guests at International Airport  Managua (Nicaragua ) or San Jose, Liberia ( Costa Rica ).    All is included in your all Inclusive Package :  Airport Pick up, Transfer to fishing grounds air or road,  lodging, All meals, Fishing up to 12 hours a day, Central T top Sportfishing boat, 2 pro Guides aboard, Gasoline, Profesional Tackles Conventional or Fly, Fishing permits & Licenses.... Fishing is in Optimum condition aboard Central T Top Sport Fishing Boats...


Fishing is in Natural beauty of National Parks... Offering Jungle River Scenery of Authentic Nicaragua

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 All is Included in our  all Inclusive  Fishing trips Packages

 Airport pick up, Transfer, Lodging in our Lodges or best places around, meals, all soft drinks, Sport fishing boat Central T-top, two Pro guides aboard, All Pro Tackles, Fishing License and , Gasoline.. Etc.. Note #1  These Special Offers  are  valid for Trip during  2013 till June  2014 Note #2  Special additional Discount may apply  in case of  party of more than 6 till 12 Anglers   English site 


Best Time in the year to Visit  ?

On Rio San Juan For Tarpon Fishing, Snook, Rainbow Bass,   Anglers are welcome any months  ( Note: Early reservation necessary for specific months as in High Season )     Please  consult for  best time for  fishing Nicaragua Caribbean and Pacific coast... English site 


  Safety in Nicaragua?  

 25 Years than war is over...   Nowdays country is  absolutely quiet and peaceful the Safest in all Central America .. Nicaragua is an authentic so beautifull destination Government wish to grow tourism.. In 15 years around we never had a problem .... Your trip will be 100% Guided from the moment you arrive at International Airport where we will be waiting for you....  English site


Tarpon fishing trips . SAN CARLOS SPORT FISHING  References  

Bill Heavey Field & Streams Magazine, Cyril Chauquet Discovery Channel Fishing Embasador, The Sun Newspaper england, Houston Chronicle, WFN World Fishing Network, Doug Olander Sportfishing Magazine, Larry Dahlberg CNN Extreme Fishing Show, Sportfishing Television, Voyages de peches, La Pesca,  Mary Peachin, Tico Time, Vinnie Jones, Ken Russel, James Ruso....Etc.


SPORTFISHING MAGAZINE TV Click                       WORLD FISHING NETWORK  TV Click             DISCOVERY CHANNEL  Cyrill Chauquet Click 


  15th of September International Tournament 

Tournament is organised every year in September on 2 days around the 15th ...  since 60 years  ( this is the oldest Tarpon fishing Tournament in Central America ) Tarpon, snook , Rainbow bass, Machaca...  Tradicionaly the San Carlos Fishing team does well in Tarpon and snook Categories.. Since 2001 we won with Guests around  a 100 trophies...  Report  Results, Pictures are in Special section   

 Early reservation Necessary if you wish to fish with San Carlos Sportfing Team    Tournament    English site    Site en Francais   Sitio en Espanol     











Rio San Juan 

Tarpon & Snook  NEWS 



Tarpon fishing Trips Rio San Juan Nicaragua

Snook, Rainbow bass, Machaca....



RIO SAN JUAN NEWS AUGUST 2015            As every year  thousands of Tarpon are coming up river to the Great Nicaragua lake , Good size Snooks are around,  Rainbow bass are on in Solentiname Archipelago     Our  fishing is  in Quiet Jungle river...  Prime birding, Tropical Jungle  Discovery are also part of the trip       Party can be  from 1 till 12 anglers ..   Children  Welcome.......We also offer fishing at sea Caribean and Pacific Ocean but only at specific time of the year....


Folowing are some  Local  News and  fishing Reports....


For full information please   Click to enter our site dedicated to  our Rio San Juan Tarpon fishing..



February, March, April, May, June 2015 We had a very strong booking this year ...

My pleasure to report many happy guests... Fishing has been good for Tarpon, We found new site for snook... also ok in solentiname for Rainbow...  80% of fishing has been in the first 25 miles of river from the great lake..

We ad 2 rooms to main lodge... New boats are coming...

Reporting very nice weather.. Not so hot... Nivel of water in river is relatively low...It  will start to grow now on begining of July

We are expecting for great fishing in coming months and a SUPER INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENT on Sptember 13th and 14 th ( I have availability for Anglers who  wish to join our team as I have 3 new boats...

Email Philippe I will offer you  a special al inclusive  Package at a very affordable price


January  beginning of  2015

Please to report the usual good fishing at that time of the year Especifically in uper Rio San Juan San Carlos santa fe Medio quesso isla grande...We had full booking many happy guests from France, Ukraine, Rusia,  Usa,  England Canada... Many tarpon a 190lb also snook rainbow bass gar... We also found new Tarpon and Snook  active spots on upper rio San Juan

Fishing is going to be the same for coming months


March 2014

We have been filming during two weeks with  the program MONSTER FISH of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC...We had a Lot of fun..Program to be broadcast  World Wide sometime by the end of 2014: Stars in the show Alain Tisseaux, Champa Moyses Arana, Minor Guadamuz, Johny Guadamuz, Pecho Leon, Cabo Andres... Bosco from INPESCA,  an obviously our new friend  ZEB  from NAT GEO...


November 2013   till  January 2014

Very good fishing up river  from San Carlos to Isla Grande...    We catch with Guests a lot of Tarpon and Snook 


September 2013 International Tournament

Boat La Esquina del lago         1st in snook Acumulate weight   

Boat La esquina del Lago        Second in biggest snook  

Boat La Esquina del Lago        Third in biggest snook   

Boat La Esquina del Lago        Fourth in biggest Tarpon  


April May  June July 2013

Regular fishing close from Lodge, as well for Tarpon and Snook  Especifically close by Santa fe and Palo de Arco ...

So-so Fishing for Rainbow bass in Solentiname Archipielago


January , February, March  2013

Good fishing for Tarpon , Snook as usual around Sabalo and Castillo but even better  close from La Esquina del Lago and Great Lake. in Medio queso, Santa Fe, El Pitasso...  Also some great fishing for Lagunero, Rainbow bass in Solentiname ....


October 2012  Testing New Spots...

Went fishing three time recently  ( Somewhere down Rio San Juan..  ) with two of my guides in each trip we only fish 3 - 4 Hours.. Each time we caught and release 2 or 3 Tarpon... 9 to 11 Snooks...  This happened on new spot we found close from our lodge by San Carlos, not  at Sabalo or El Castillo...


September 2012   Rio San Juan International Tournament 14th and 15th of September

             Tournament Champion  BIGGEST TARPON Sr Vargas Boat La Esquina del Lago San Carlos Sport Fishing

             Biggest Tarpon  Boat 1st La Esquina del Lago San Carlos Sport Fishing

             Biggest Snook   2d  Boat La Esquina del Lago San Carlos Sport Fishing

             Biggest snook 3rd Boat La Esquina del Lago San carlos sport fishing

             Snook Acumulate weight 2d Boat La Esquina del Lago San Carlos Sport Fishing

             Rainbow bass 2d Boat La Esquina del Lago San Carlos Sport Fishing   


September 2011  Rio San Juan International Tournament 15th and 16th of  September

            TARPON   3rd for tarpon  San Carlos sportfishing Boat Esquina del Lago

                 SNOOK acumulate weight. .250 lb 1st San Carlos sportfishing Boat Esquina del Lago

             Biggest Snook   2d  Boat La Esquina del Lago San Carlos Sport Fishing

             Biggest snook   3rd  Boat La Esquina del Lago San carlos sport fishing

             Women in Tournament Poet Ryan  ( Snook ) Boat La Esquina del Lago San carlos sport fishing


January , February 2012

Good fishing for Tarpon , Snook as usual  close from La Esquina del Lago and Great Lake.. in Medio queso, Santa Fe, El Pitasso...  Fishing will be the same till minimum end of June ..


Testing New Spots...October 2011

Went fishing three time recently with two of my guides in each trip we only fish 4 Hours.. We caught and release 2 or 3 Tarpon... 9 to 11 Snooks...  This happened on new spot we found close from San Carlos, not down river at Sabalo or El Castillo...Fishing on these new spots is expected to be the same in coming months...


5th of September 2011

In a few weeks..On the 14th and 15th of September will be take place  the 51th Edition of Rio San Juan International Fishing Tournament we always win Trophies since we start to participate every year since 12 years...  in the last two edition we did especifically  well...

We hope this year it will be the same.. This year we will have 6 Boats in the competition each with 2 pro Guides trained by San Carlos Sport Fishing.. and two or three Guests aboard...

Preceding Reports & News  is from January 2011...

 Long ago...  I wish to clarified than as every year  we also  had good constant fishing in  February, March, April, receiving Gests coming from all over the world...Fishing has been Slower  after in  May and  June, ...These two months are in our full summer.. Very hot days, burning sun .. Few water in rivers .. So very hot water and tarpon become lazy.. Feed ( are active ) at Night ..  We still got many  but more dificult ...

From begining of july river is growing and tarpon are on again.. Coming up river to Rio Frio and the Great Lakefrom the Caribean. July, August has been good months  it will  the same till end of April 2012

Note   As every year fishing as been from where river start at Nicaragua Lake, ( San Carlos ..) and also as usually going  down river to maximum el Castillo located 40 miles away. ( Also to End of River 120 miles away but this is another story..I will make a special report...)

It is  well known  than on first 40 miles there are a lot of Tarpon all year round ...

But what really count  is not to watch Tarpon Rolling   It is  to have Pro Guides aboard than will put Guests on  spots where Tarpon are Actives...   

Tarpon are Constantly moving  location of these Biting area  change constantly... A few days here a few days there 

Activity may be as close as in  front of my San Carlos Lodge or in Rio Frio... Or at el pitasso, Santa fe, Medio Qesso, palo de arco, Close by La esperanza, la Gnoca, el Rodal del Toro in Sabalo, Close or in front of Castillo... At certain time of the year we will even go till the mouth of the river at San Jan de Nicaraga on the Caribean Coast ..120 miles away

I remember of a trip in the past  with Rapala and Shimano  representatives for America when we decide to first start fishing down river around Sabalo and Castillo... For two days we saw many tarpon a lot of tarpon ... But No bite whatever we were doing or  using...  Very very frustrating ...

I decide to come back up river and all start... We caught and release several 120/200lb close by my Headquarter La Esquina del Lago   Being able to  locate active fish is the Key of Sucessful Tarpon fishing Trips on Rio San Juan.... Mobility is a Must

When we go down river in order to avoid long ride and be on spots as early as 5 am,  we stay  in very nice places directly located on River Banks as Hotel Sabalo of Mr Parales Family, Sabalo lodge of Mr Choisel Praslin , or Hotel Victoria in El Castillo....

Almost six years than we use these places Guests have never been disapointed..  Good Lodging...  Good meals... Owners who care


January 2011

We have been very buzy all months Many Guests from USA, France, Canada, Finland....

Same good fishing for Tarpon on upper rio San Juan Tarpon  90lb / 200lb,

Biggest snook 20lb and Rainbow bass fishing in close from lodge Solentiname Archipelago is now fine

Fishing conditions will be the same till Minimum end of April 2011


December   2010


1) We had great Tarpon Fishing in August, September, October receiving several Groups from USA, France, Mexico, El Salvador,Costa Rica ...

Level of River is very high this year....Reason why Thousands of Tarpon are coming up river from The Caribbean sea...

I have no doubt than this good fishing will go on in  January, February, March, April in coming year 2011 ...  

I have availabilities in these months...  for Party from 1 till 12 Anglers     Pricing will be the one of Old Rate


2) International TARPON  fishing TOURNAMENT Edition Number 50th has been held on the 13 and 14th of September 2010

76 Anglers registered in the Tournament coming mostly from Costa Rica

Concerning Tarpon This year for the first time there have been two Categories

Weighted Tarpon First 140lb, second 140lb, Third 125lb, 110lb, 95lb, etc... Minimum size of fish to Qualified has been 60lb

Category Released There have been a bit of Confusion.. as Rules were not so clear ...  Video..  Photos  Winner has been the yacht  of Mr Gabriel Chamoro should have been The small boat of ALLAN Tisseaux with Minor Guadamuz  11 feet Inflatable boat...as they released 2 Tarpon  Yes the video of second was not so clear but Gabriel Chamoro  and his 4 Friends aboard their yacht only caught 1 Tarpon. For next Tournament  Comity should make a special effort in order to establish clear rules for the catch and Release Category as it is the Future....

For Snook Category even if many snook has been caught fishing has not been so good as winner fish only weighed 11 lb...

Also poor result for Rainbow bass ( To high Water ) has bigger fish has been 5 lb... 

San Carlos Sport Fishing team did well has winner  of 6 Trophies.


3) I already have Booking for high season (  January, February, March, April,  2011 ) . 

I have a limited capacity per week ( Max. 8 to 12 Anglers ) in order to preserve my quality of Service and Fishing 

 It is Time to be in contact for your reservation.. for Party of 1 till 12 Anglers if Reservation made before the End of November We will use the old Rate


4) New Rate will be on line at the end of November...


5) SPECIAL OFFER on all Include Package from Managua ( Nicaragua ) or San Jose ( Costa Rica )


6) We always try to find new spots...

In 2009 we started to organize  new Special fishing Trips Adventures Starting at Nicaragua Lake but going also all the way down Rio San Juan.. This is a mix than we offer Fresh and Salt Water First we fish our Traditional areas then we go All the way down San Juan River 120 Miles to the Caribean sea....Where we also fish at sea  Trips have been successful in all 2010 ... We will go on in 2011 




Reason of Presence of Giant Tarpon all year round at 120 miles from sea in Fresh water of Rio San Juan and Nicaragua Lake is somewhere strange  and call the attention of Marine Biologist

Thanks to Miami University, Tarpon To morrow Foundation, in  January 2009 we made the first Sat Tagging of our Giant Tarpon....

Tarpon have been released with a small transmitter on the back so could have been traced  by a NASA Satellite

Through an order via satellite tags has been  released and transmit results  ..

We  have now available  information upon  movement of fish .. Activities.. Second per second during several Months...

Point is than all released fish around Saballo - El Castillo ( on Rio San Juan at 85 Miles from sea )  immediately went back to sea ( Caribbean )

We thought than then fish will go North... On the contrary all of them went down South. Tags being released in southern Costa Rica and Panama.   We learned a lot from this study for example than tarpon ideal Temperature is around 76 Degree... Moves of Tarpon are according to variation in Temperature...Lucky we are in Rio San Juan and Nicaragua Lake as year water temperature average is precisely around 76 Degree ...As all year round we have around lots of Sardines we start to understand why Tarpon comes and some stay here...We now monitor the river temperature. It is amazing to see than a few change in Temperature have so much influence on Tarpon activity..


Your Comments, suggestions are more than welcome please be in touch   E mail Philippe    travelangler@gmail.com 


  Philippe Tisseaux


Click to enter our site dedicated to Tarpon fishing..


E mail Philippe          travelangler@gmail.com              Tel Nicaragua    (505)    88 49 06 00



A few words About us  


For more than ten years we have strived to work in the concert with the peoples in the Rio San Juan/San Carlos areas.  We wish to thank all of them for accepting us into their lives in this fragile ecosystem and for treating us as a neighbor and friend. 


Their approval of all of our efforts is heartfelt appreciated.  They have watched our projects grow to fruition and several have become directly involved.  Ten local Nicaraguan families now derive their livelihood from our projects.


We are  located close from town but in peace of  an unspoiled  National Park, Los Guatuzos living in total connection with mother Nature... Wild life, Birds, Caiman, Monkeys.. I own the 20 acres Property who has three water front: Nicaragua Lake, Rio San Juan, Rio Frio,,,, Lodge (2006) is a very comfortable place,  integrated in the Reserve . Many Guests say than I built a Little Paradise...


Conscious of our Responsibilities ..  We respect and constantly act  in order to preserve Rio San Juan unique resources and Natural beauty..


Lodge is 100%  Nature friendly:  Solar Energy, Water is purified rain water than we collect from the roofs.. also Full black water treatment...


We act daily ... We promote Preservation... Finance Investigations,.. Train Nature Guides in Sport fishing, Birding... 

 With the schools we organized special days upon Environment for San Carlos Children ,.. A speech, a lunch, a tour in National park of Los Guatuzos .. All these children witch are the future will not for``get what they saw, what they learned that day...

We organized with Miami University the first ever Tarpon Sat Tag in Central America Etc..

We also have a special fund to help the community... .

 So far yes fishing is regulated in Rio San Juan enforcement done by Marena but there is no official Individual Fishing License in Nicaragua so no resource apart the outfitters annual fees- In order to be able to help  I keep a Percentage  of what Guest pay me in a Bank account so always have fund to help any good cause related to environment ..


Well now let*s talk Sport fishing....    All is in the site      Click  to enter  


Philippe Tisseaux



WARMING Copyrights    All pictures, videos, Documents in this entire site belongs to La Esquina del Lago Philippe tisseaux.

  Their reproduction use on internet or Printing material  is strictly forbidden without previous 

written authentified authorization from Philippe Tisseaux 









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