TARPON  FISHING TRIPS  Rio San Juan  Nicaragua

SNOOK FISHING TRIPS  Rio San Juan Nicaragua

San Carlos Sport Fishing is I.G.F.A Weighting Station 

 TARPON  FISHING TRIPS  Ro San Juan  Nicaragua

SNOOK FISHING TRIPS  Rio San Juan Nicaragu

San Carlos Sport Fishing


Jungle River Big Game Since 1998


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 TARPON  FISHING TRIPS  Rio San Juan  Nicaragua

SNOOK FISHING TRIPS  Rio San Juan Nicaragua

La esquina Del Lago

 Fishing Lodge, Tarpon Camp

  Rio San Juan Nicaragua  

 TARPON  FISHING TRIPS  Rio San Juan  Nicaragua

SNOOK FISHING TRIPS  Rio San Juan Nicaragu 


All inclusive Fishing Trip on Rio San Juan  




 CONTACT Philippe  for quote  of  your All Inclusive Package

The more you tell me upon your Party and expectations

The better & the easier for me to organize  your Trip

E MAIL Philippe  travelangler@gmail.com

PHONE Nicaragua  00 (505) 88 49 06 00



* Whatever  your flight  arrival timing.. We will be waiting for your party at  International  Airport.


* All is included in Package: Airport Pick up - All Transfer  - Lodging lake front at my fishing  lodge located in Natural Beauty of National Park all rooms with  private  bath  - All good Meals ( Proud to offer real Cuisine )  - Sport Fishing Boats (No passengers Panga ) with  central T -TOP and  Fighting  Platform in front of boat - Professional Guides  - Fishing Licenses and Permits. Professional Tackles - All soft drinks ( Drink with Alcohol at Local cost)  - Cooler with Fruits and Snacks aboard boats .. Etc...


* All  fishing  trips are "customized" according to style  of Fishing you like  ( We fish  Conventional: Trolling, Spinning, Bait casting , Live bait.. or Fly Fishing ) and also  according to what  you are interested in apart from fishing, There is a lot to enjoy and discover around our Fishing Grounds.


* Your  Fishing will be  Fly or Conventional  with trained professional Guides  more than 10 years working wit me (light tackles Spinning, Bait casting, Trolling )

WE FISH FLY OR CONVENTIONAL I.G.F.A. RULES  ( We are the official IGFA WEIGHTING STATION ) We mainly go for Giant Tarpon, Snook, Rainbow bass..


* Fishing is on Flat fresh water in Protected area ( Reserves and National Parks ) where we have  Government  licenses to operate: Los Guatuzos, Solentiname Rio San Juan , San Juan River, San Carlos, Medio Quesso, Santa fe, Palo de Arco. .. We love to stay and fish up river ( The first 20 miles from the great lake ) where no doubts best fishing is ... Meanwhile we also may go down river for fishing in  Saballo, El Castillo...  We also fish Solentiname archipielago  ( 20 mn from Lodge ) targeting  rainbow bass, Machacas, Mojaras... we may overnight there


* We are a small organization so Flexible. What is important is than we know your expectations  than we communicate well before the trip. 

May be you wish a somewhere  different vacation than what I describe in my web pages? May be you wish to have more time for Discovery??,  Please tell me as precisely as possible what you expect

You may be Hardcore angler or you would like  relatively few Fishing and more time for discovery in order to have a glance both at Nicaragua and Costa Rica... Your secondary interest may be  History, or Arts...Rainforest, ecotourism, Bird watching, Beach relax, Casino , Night life... I am able to combine all of that in a trip.  

Each  trip is customize this made the success of my company.

 I insist please if you contact me send  as much  information as you can concerning  what you expect for your vacation... 


You can arrive In San Jose & Liberia  Costa Rica or Managua Nicaragua

Pricing of  international flight vary a lot around the year so I recommend to check both Arrival point.. Nowdays most of my guests arrive at Managua International ( Note there is an extra cost if arrival in Costa Rica as more complicated  and higher cost Transfer )..

Concerning transfer from Airport to fishing grounds..

If coming via Costa Rica transfer will be  by road, to Los Chiles las Tablillas Border, then to Fishing Lodge by car /van  Total transfer last around 5 hours.

Via Nicaragua it can be Air transfer over the great Nicaragua lake using la Costena Airline flight last  50 mn Carefull there are only two flights a week on Thursday and Sunday My fishing Lodge is 10 mn away from San carlos AIRPORT. In my opinion road transfer is better  as much more flexible.. figure 4 hours ride on Excelent road...


Concerning safety now day it is the same arriving as well in Costa Rica or Nicaragua. In 12 years in activity more than a 2500 Guests we never had any  problem.

Booking and reservations 

1) Your party can be of 1 till 12  persons witch is normally the maximum number of Guests we accept per week 

( If larger group we will have to organise together and long before the trip a special logistic ..Please Consult  )


2) After we agree on Arrival and departure dates ,  and on  Condition a  deposit will be  necessary to confirm your  reservation, it will have  to be done by wire Transfer to my Bank Account open at Scotia Bank in Costa Rica. I will forward you  the precise instruction to be given to your bank   NOTE: Pending is due on  day1 of your trip  at Lodge or Hotel In San Jose , Managua , Granada...


3 )  Careful  concerning Reservation  ,  if you wish a precise week...early reservation is necessary... In some case as long as  a year in advance... the more busy months are from November till April  This is not due to better fishing but to winter Vacations time for North American . 

There is no Peak season ..  for our Giant tarpon fishing is good all year round... Same for Rainbow bass, please consult me for  Big Snook.


4) Valid passport Necessary. No need of any vaccination


5) For fishing permit, We will  request  full Name and Passport number of all person in your party previous to arrival

Packages can be from 4 till 12 Days

We can accommodate up to 12 Anglers...


References # Days # Hotel Nights # Fishing Days
Pack N 4 4 DAYS 3 Nights 2-3 Fishing days*
Pack N 5 5 DAYS 4 Nights 3-4 Fishing days*
Pack N 6 6 DAYS 5 Nights 4-5 Fishing days*
Pack N 7 7 DAYS 6 Nights 5-6 Fishing days*
Pack N 8 8 DAYS 7 Nights 6-7 Fishing days*
Pack N 9 9 DAYS 8 Nights 7 -8Fishing days*
Pack N  10 10 DAYS 9 Nights 8-9 Fishing days*
Pack N  11 11 DAYS 10 Nights 9-10 Fishing days*
Pack N  12 12 DAYS 11 Nights 10-11  Fishing days*




CONTACT Philippe for quote  of  your All Inclusive Package

The more you tell me upon your Party and expectations

The better & the easier for me to organize  your Trip

E MAIL Philippe  travelangler@gmail.com

PHONE Nicaragua  ( 00 ) (505)   88  49  06  00


As an Example Following is detailed Itinerary of  All inclusive Package N8   with Arrival in Managua


All is include  Airport pick up on arrival, All transfers  road or air,  Lodging at my lodges or in best places around, meals, Sport fishing boat Central T-top, two Pro guides aboard, All Pro Tackles, Fishing License / Permits , Soft drinks ..Etc..

Fishing is Fly or Conventional for Tarpon, Snook, Rainbow bass .. Always in Protected area on quiet Jungle River..


 In all case    WHATEVER THE TIME  We will be  waiting for you on Arrival of your flight at Managua International Airport   

Probably Jose or Fabio my English speaking drivers Can also be my son Allan

Option 1

Whatever the hour You arrive we can decide for immediate road transfer to lodge at night .. No problem . Idea is than  Doing so you will have more fishing

Option 2

You can Transfer with Fabio  to Granada for the night  ( 40 mn from Airport )

Depending on arrival time On the way I recommend  a stop, at Massaia artisan market or Going to Masaya & Mombacho Volcano, Catalina, Laguna de Apoyo...a lot to do around .. ) some of my guests add a day on Package so sleep two nights in Granada before their fishing days...  this is a very nice  Option

Dinner will be in Fun busy at night Granada ( Dinner is not include ...as experience show than guests prefer this part open... all depend what you wish ... Fabio knows all places in town my favorite since 12 years is EL ZAGUAN located behind Cathedral. also Place of my good friend KEVIN . IMAGINE  in center of town ) There is a lot  of very nice restaurant in town and very reasonably price...

Due to Fabio service transfer, Tours and stay in best hotel in town there is an extra cost for this Granada stay ($80 per person )

In my opinion GRANADA is a must when coming to Nicaragua

 Night will be  at  Hotel COLONIAL or ALHAMBRA or GUARDIA BARANCO all in  the historical center of town ....

Fabio will drive you to airport next day on time to catch your flight to San Carlos or will transfer you to San Carlos  directly by car


Day2  Transfer and Tarpon Fishing

If in Managua or Granada  

Breakfast at your Hotel , Transfer to San Carlos by road in Land Cruiser or one of fabio s car .. This Road transfer is in my opinion the best   option as flexible.. It can be anytime last 4 hours of a very interesting  road with several interesting stops... You also can decide for air transfer in such a case you will have to go to Airport  to catch  the  flight of La Costena airline to San Carlos  ( CAREFUL Flight is available only on Thursday or Sunday ) 50 mn  over the Lake of Nicaragua, Omotepe Volcanoes , Solentiname archipelago..., Champa, Philippe, Mary, Sarah or Your Fishing guide will wait for you at the local San Carlos Airport... 

We will  put your Luggage at my Lodge La Esquina del Lago  , will have your lunch at La Esquina del Lago

Fishing will start in Rio Frio or  In San Juan river it would be a major surprise for me if you have to wait long before the first tarpon hit, fishing will stop at dark. We will have our Dinner at La Esquina del Lago 

You will rest in your  clean and comfortable room Lake Front  IN NATIONAL PARK Los Guatuzos with private bath 

If already at my lodge la Esquina del Lago in San Carlos

Early breakfast and all day fishing up river 6am 6 pm


Day 3 Tarpon fishing..  Snook ..

6am Breakfast  6.30  fishing start going down river it may be in Santa fe,  Medio Quesso, Palo de Arco..., lunch on river banks at special friend place ,  Fishing till dark  dinner Night in Lodge La Esquina Del Lago


Day 4 Tarpon fishing..  Snook 

 6am Breakfast  6.30  fishing  it may be in Santa fe,  Medio Quesso, Palo de Arco..., lunch on river banks at special friend place ,  Fishing till dark  dinner Night in Lodge La Esquina Del Lago


Day 5 Tarpon snook fishing.. Going Down river while fishing stay  in Sabalo  or Castillo area 40 miles down river

4.30 cafe cookies,  Fishing,  8-9 am Breakfast, fishing, lunch ,  Fishing till dark

On that day if staying in Sabalo I also suggest to go a bit further  down river (10 miles)  to El Castillo.

The large fortress on top of the hill has been built to protect the Nicaragua lake/Granada from pirates attacks A MUST SEE IF COMING IN THE AREA.

unch dinner Night in Lodge#2 in sabalo or in el Castillo


Day 6  Tarpon Fishing Return to San Carlos Esquina del Lago while fishing 

 Another full day Fishing around San Carlos or Solentiname or Sabalo , we will decide together

Lunch in Sabalo, Dinner and Night at La Esquina del Lago.


Day 7  Half day Fishing in solentiname Archipelago for Rainbow bass 

Breakfast, We will go to Solentiname Archipelago in Nicaragua Lake 30 minutes from my lodge  fishing, .

Return to La esquina del Lago for Lunch

Transfer to San Carlos Airport, by road or Flight  to Managua...

Night In Managua   ( International Flights are generally leaving early folowing day so you have to sleep  on day 7 close to Managua International Airport )


Day 8 Departure day from Managua



1)This basic itinerary is one of the most  chosen  by our Guest as a mix of World Class fishing and Discovery..

It Include, Top Fishing and also Birding, History, discovery....  Granada, Rio Frio , upper and down rio san Juan, el Castillo, Solentiname Archipelago in great Nicaragua Lake.

2) Depending on your Expectations we can make any changes you wish on this Itinerary..

Some Anglers wish only hard Tarpon fishing, some wish more smaller fish as Rainbow bass  Some wish longer stay, some shorter...all depend...


When contacting me...

Each guest have diferent wishes ... The more you tell me upon your expectation the easier for me to build your Program and serve you well  E-Mail Philippe 


 What is included …    Not Included     in our Fishing Trips Packages 

* Airport Pick up, and return to International airport at end of trip

* Transfer to fishing Grounds from  Managua (Nicaragua) to Rio San Juan

              By air COSTENA AIRLINE 50 mn Flight from Managua over the great Nicaragua lake

              By Van or car ( Range Rover or Land Cruiser ) 3.30 h of Excellent new highway from Managua Airport

* Lodging in Double room with Private bathroom,  always in best place around  (Option Lodging One person per room available)

* All meals, Except on arrival day and last day if In Granada or  Managua

* Fishing permit & License You come to fish and discover Not to lose time  in Government Office..   All paper work will be ready previour to your trip…

* Professional Tackles are Included

          Conventional 100 sets Spinning, Trolling, Bait   casting…Penn, Shimano, Acurate, Rapala…

   Nylon or Braided line 12lb-50lb

   Fly Number 8 till 14 Sage, Billy Pate…

* Cooler with Purified water,  Snacks, Fruits, soft Drinks aboard

* Sport fishing Central T TOP boats with  a large Platform in front  (ideal condition to play the fish... as on Flat water) All safety Equipment aboard, all boats are registered  at MTI ( Maritime transportation authority ) and INTUR ( National Tourism Authorities )

* 2 Professional Guides with you on boat  ( This is absolutely necessary for safety due to size of fish, also to warranty a correct release)

* Fishing / Discovery with your guides available from 5am till 7 pm each day… Up to 13-14 Hours!!! These are long fishing days... You will decide with Guides time of start and ending also when you want to take a break…

* Fishing will be  in Rio Frio, Nicaragua Lake including Solentiname Archipelago, and on all San Juan River/ Rio San Juan 120 miles long , Medio Quesso Santa fe, Saballo, El Castillo…. San Juan del Norte.. Caribbean sea and in our new destination of Laguna de perla, Orinoco, Karawale, top knot lagoon…

* Fishing is Fly or Conventional with pro / trained guides for Tarpon ( 80 lb 200lb plus..) , Snook, Rainbow bass, Machacas, Mojara  Jacks, Baracudas, Pargos….. A mix of fresh and Salt water fish.


Not Included

·         Airport departure and arrival Immigration taxes

·         Tips to your Guides In no way are an Obligation all depends of quality of their service ...

·         Drinks with alcohol (Meanwhile we will provide them at Local Low cost..Ex Beer $ 1,25  Botlle of Ron $ 20,  Good Wine $12... Etc…)



CONTACT Philippe for quote  of  your All Inclusive Package

The more you tell me upon your Party and expectations

The better & the easier for me to organize  your Trip

E MAIL Philippe  travelangler@gmail.com

PHONE Nicaragua  ( 00 ) (505)   88  49  06  00


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