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In this issue:

    Report #48, Several Tarpon over 200lb ..

    Fishing with Mr Roy Turner

    Club Amateur de Pesca In San Jose 

   The three Tackle shops in San Jose Costa Rica

And Many Pictures... sorry for long  Downloading 


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Report #48

In  November we received  several groups  of Anglers coming from Spain, California, Texas, and Florida... Roy turner, Gregory Meritt, Fred Meritt, Philippe Lighty, "ossito", Mark richter share fishing with us,  some guests coming via Managua some others via San Jose.. but every body fishing the same San Juan River ... We made new friends, thanks to all of you for visiting..but please Amigos  send me some pictures of your trip with us .. I am shure there are some to add to my  Albums and Pictures Galeries... Thanks E mail:  


Upon Fishing: Even if there were thousands and thousands of big tarpon all around we had problems to locate where they  were bitting . We had to relocate...Best fishing has been   in the first 10 miles of Rio San Juan, then down river  in some very specific area of San Juan in the last  10 miles before Saballo...not in front of Saballo Lodge as usual... I  have been told to day 1st of December than fish start again to be active there.. this is very good for the coming months..  as we will again be able to Catch in front the lodge ...Concerning November   I  report  some days off for us meaning .... , a lot of tarpon all around the boat  ( I should say an incredible quantity of tarpon, rolling, playing  breathing two or three at the same time doing a curve... ) but no way to have them bite whatever the technics  Troll , Casting, Live bait,  Fly... Let  say some day with  only two or three  serious hit or tarpon on per day.. this definitely unusual for us  very very few for us .. Fortunately  San Juan River is long and we can move our fishing as we have several  nice location to stay  so not so much problem as after in all trip after may be one or two dificult days  it came back to normal and  we Caught many tarpon ... 

I like to insist  concerning these  november trip  upon   the size of These fish ... we caught the usual 90lb /150lb range but also many fish over 150lb , would say  around 200lb, we even weighed one of them as unfortunately fish Sudently died during the fight... this is totally unusual for us we CATCH AND RELEASE  Anyway we took it to Town and after weighting it ( 180lb ) we gave it to local people , ( Local people eat tarpon...) , I report " Bigger" fish  released  (  More than 200lb ) two lost  estimated  around 250lb..  So it seems than we are in a very good year  for going after  real Giant Tarpon   Very strange, I only have a few booking in this month of December and can receive Last minut trips..  ( January, February are almost full ) so I decided to dedicate the month of December to try to catch  new IGFA world record...To day in order to make it easier  with IGFA I am going to have one of our scales localy  certified...

Sometime this December I will go with my kids for the Children record... ( They already Caught many tarpon )


Fishing and Fun with "Ossito & Phil Group.."


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Mr Roy   came from Spain to fish  an entire week with us so we went for Tarpon close to Saballo on San Juan River and also for Rainbow bass in the solentiname Archipelago  of Nicaragua Great Lake .. all this aboard Julia Brava , Captain Augusto , and  2d Guide:  Carlos

  Roy is born in  England  but he lives in Spain   close to Alicante since 35 years. Roy Had an incredibly active life.. he still own several companies  one of them dedicated to Real Estate. Roy is also a famous angler in Spain, he fish the national Bass tournaments  , he is also a writer for several Fishing Magasines... A lot of stories to tell he has been travelling for fishing in so many places in the world..  .. We had a very fun time together,  Roy had many Tarpon , and  two around 200lb , unfortunately one of these big  fish died  during the fight reason why it as been weighed and   you  will see below some  pictures of a   dead fish... this is unusual for us as  obviously we  practise Catch and release


 Roy and rainbow bass 3.jpg (46120 bytes)      Roy Fish on.jpg (40828 bytes)

tailwalking 3.jpg (34274 bytes) Tailwalking 2.jpg (34282 bytes)   


Big Tarpon for Roy and Augusto


Some other photos... all shot during these trips of November 2003 .

Our fishing expeditions are:  "dedicated to World class fishing of Giant tarpon according to IGFA  regulation  , they are  also made of Nice lodging, Fun, Discovery ..and Good food.."


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 Club Amateur de Pesca 

 San Jose  Costa Rica

club 2.jpg (39482 bytes) club 3.jpg (37410 bytes) Club 1.jpg (46059 bytes)

A short visit to "My club" , I wanted Roy to see this place , it is the historical place  of Sport Fishing in Costa Rica.. .. Club has been founded in 1946 it is registered to IGFA since 1948 ..

 I am  a member since  12 years, in the past I  was at the board  ( as a vocal ) ..  Now " only"  a  member as I cannot be  regularly present to Monday nights meetings in Rohrmoser ( All Anglers welcome to visit meeting is at 8 Pm ... be in touch with  me for exact adress..). 

In the last few year president was Mr Alberto laurenchich, new president this year is Dr Mario Saenz.( Congratulation Mario.. you know my fishing  we had fun time together... In Rio San Juan And Solentiname...) . 

Club is a real institution who did a lot for sportfishing in Costa Rica .

 Grace MORA the  secretary is at the club house  everey  morning, she knows a lot really a lot upon Sport Fishing in Costa Rica , she will be glad to help , Give informations...




San Jose Tackle shops

Also a short visit with  Roy Turner to our Local Tackles Shops in San Jose Costa Rica


 DESPORTES KEKO of  Keko, ( Carlos ) Many time National Champion

Tackle shop 1.jpg (62795 bytes)

 GILCA   the place of   Mr Carlos Barantes  Carlos  a true Wworld Travel Angler is since long  IGFA representative in Costa Rica..


We had no time in this trip to go and say hello to the third place BORBON, who is the Rapalla distributor in Costa Rica.. A very active Company always ready to help , sponsoring the Local Tournaments.. Many of the staff are member of the other Fishing club in Costa Rica: Club National de Pesca.. ( Specialise in Shore fishing  as well in Fresh and salt Water )



I will be Glad to forward adress and give more infos upon fishing in Costa Rica ...  Tackle Shop, Fishing Clubs...


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