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Participants in Rio San Juan Giant Tarpon Satellite Tagging Program

January 2009


University of Miami 

Rosentiel School

Dr. Gerald s Ault, Ph.d

Dr. Jiangang Luo 


Tarpon To morrow

Scott Alford 

Charles Park

Tommie Divine


INPESCA  Nicaragua

Government  Authority

Jan Bosco mendoza

 Xavier Arana


MARENA  Nicaragua Government  Authority

Norman Guteriez

Harlam Jarquin


Esquina del Lago Lodge.

San Carlos Sport Fishing

Philippe Tisseaux, Owner

Alexandre Tisseaux, Guide


Fishing Guides

Moyse Arana

Andrez Gonzales

Fransisco Narvaes 

Alex Gonzales

Roberto Guadamus

Alexandrin Gonzales











Texas Tarpon

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        Megalops Atlanticus, Grandes Ecaille, Youcou younde.....


Presence of Giant Tarpon all year round at 120 miles from sea in Fresh water of Rio San Juan and Nicaragua Lake  call the attention of Marine Biologist... Since long Scientist had been interested in Rio San Juan and Nicaragua lake.. We encounter here a strange  mix of Fresh water fish Bull Shark, Tarpon, Snook Drums....and fresh water species as Rainbow bass ( Lagunero ) Wapote, Machaca, Mojara, Tropical and Aligator Gar.... Thomas Torson from Nebraska University...Jacques Yves Cousteau.... Came here many years ago their guides are around living in San Carlos they told us the stories...



We have here  a high qualty  fishery for Giant Tarpon no doubt one of the best in the world as in ideal condition: We always fish quiet water....  Due to abundant feeding all years round fish become udge and are present at all time as apparently constant and ideal temperature...


 Concerning Tarpon  most of them are  moving up and down river but we suspect some stay Long in the area... When they decide to leave Where do they go? This is what we are trying to find out... Suspecting than some of our Giant Tarpon may go far very far ..Why not Up north to the Gulf of Mexico...Texas? Florida? .. To the Caribbean Islands...or down south to Venezuela??


Long it's been suspected than Tarpon were Reproducing here as some female full of eggs has been report ...But it is now demonstrate than Tarpon do not reproduce in Fresh water they born at sea become a Larva witch reach brackish water,, Mangrove where they get their definitive shape.. Then they grow and start to move it can be in Fresh or Salt water... Due to study done in some other places it is amazing to see Distance Tarpon travel...


Thanks to Miami University, Tarpon To morrow Foundation, Mr Scott Alford and Local Authorities of MARENA, INPESCA in  January 2009 we made the first Satellite Tagging of some our Rio San Juan Giant Tarpon....


This is the first part of Program according to results we plan  in the future to realize other Satellite Tagging Expedition.... Meanwhile at  my Company in order to try to get more datas we took commitment to tag all Tarpon with usual conventional Tags




Tarpon with a small transmitter on the back are now trace  by a NASA Satellite


In July 2009 with an order transmitted by Satellite we will release the tag and collect information of tarpon  movement.. Activities..  As it's been done in the past in Florida, Texas, Mexico. We will be able to collect Information on Water Salinity, Temperature, How deep is the fish... Second per second during 4 Months... No doubts this will give us a much better knowledge of our Rio San Juan Giant Tarpon behavior


We need much more Data...We recently receive from Miami University a Temperature sensor than will soon be Installed in the River


Another idea is to install a Counting Machine than will monitor the quantity and size of Fish Going Up and down River...


We hope this page will grow and so be acting in a positive way for tarpon Protection and better Quality Sport Fishing ....

I welcome readers to participate...  Send me comments, document... Photos,  Video...   Philippe Tisseaux     E-Mail    


Video upon Satellite Tagging Program in Texas and Florida

Some videos here of us tagging a tarpon:


Tarpon Research  Links


Bonefish & Tarpon Conservation Research

The University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science

  1. Salt Water Sportsman - Tarpon satellite tagged in Boca Grande Pass

    The Bonefish and Tarpon Research Center is a division of the University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marin and Academic Science. Founded in the 1940's

    1. Sanctuary Friends Foundation of the Florida Keys

      The Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, ... Bonefish and Tarpon Conservation Research Program led by the University of Miami ...

      1. New Bonefish, Tarpon Research Center to improve Florida fisheries

        BTU currently provides full or partial funding for 10 bonefish and tarpon research projects. The Rosenstiel School is part of the University of Miami and, ...


        BOOKS  upon Rio San Juan / San Juan River and Nicaragua Lake


        The Fish of Nicaragua Lake Thomas Tornson University of Nebraska

        Thomas Torson spend many years here studying the fish in the Lake and Rio San Juan... People fishing with him ..Manolo, Jose are our friends here...On these days Lake was full of Tarpon but also Bull Shark, Saw fish...these two species are almost disappear now. .due to Intense Commercial fishing for Fins exported to Asia...


        Savage Shore ... Describing the adventures of The Bull Shark Hunter... On Nicaragua Caribean coast, Rio San Juan and Nicaragua Lake...

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I invite all persons interested in Tarpon to get the book



 Written by Several World tarpon expert ...

You can be in touch with publisher via E mail










* Tarpon can live up to 80 years


* They start to reproduce when they are 15 years old...


* At that age their weight is around 120lb


* Reproduction of Tarpon is Only in Salt water...


* Ideal temperature for tarpon to be living is 26 centigrade 


* One of the Tarpon tagged with Satellite tracing moved 2000 km in two months


* Tarpon weight can easily be calculate by measurement


* Tarpon Sport fishing industry in Florida plus Texas move  6 Billion  US$ per year.


Catch and Release Tips


* Photo Never quit the fish of the water.. Make Picture on Side of the boat.. Never lift the Fish


* Do not use Gaff.. Grab the fish with hand by Lower Jaw


* Make Reanimation of the fish Movement Front Back...until fish move.. Do not let it go immediately wait till he get stronger


* Stay on spot you release fish at least 5 minutes. If fish comes up make reanimation again



The video I ate THE MOST UPON  Tarpon Fishing is on You Tube ...

It's called "Tarpon fishing Rio San Juan"... Produced by someone called Luis Quesada  

A Shame!!!!

At San Carlos Sport Fishing , La Esquina del Lago we formally condemned  such Killing practice  and Obviously we have nothing to do with this Video ...

UNFORTUNATELY THIS MISERY  have been seen  by more than 60 000 Persons !!!!


It's been done by irresponsible persons in total infraction of  Local regulation ...

Authority are conscious of the matter and tremendous Damage done and will definitely be pending.....