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Hotel, Fishing Lodge, Fishing camp

we use during our Fishing trips

in Nicaragua and Costa Rica






A) Lodging  around fishing grounds of San Juan River, Rio San Juan  and Solentiname  

We like to move  to where best fishing is..We fish and explore aboard our Sport fishing Boats the entire San Juan river Area, (Hundreds of  Miles to enjoy.. ) and also in the  Southern part of Great Nicaragua Lake.. Los Guatousso, Solentiname Archipelago, San Miguelito..


Accommodations we offer in Fishing area  are  always in  clean room  with  private full bathroom . ( Following is a description with picture of  places we use. ) 


1)  La Esquina del  Lago  San Carlos Sport fishing  Private Guest House 


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FISHING :Conventional Sport Fishing and Fly fishing for  Giant Tarpon and  Snook all year round close to lodge, Rainbow bass in Solentiname Archipelago  than we reach in 30mn.


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La esquina del Lago is  our  " Head Quarter ", dedicated to  Guests of my Fishing and Ecotourism activities  

Building (10000 Square feet is built above water ) it is located on my 30 acres Property  in  front of the border town of San Carlos, (10 mn away from local Airport ) in Wild Life Reserve  of " Los guatousso " precisely at the corner of Lake Nicaragua  , Rio Frio... where San Juan River start... It is there on my actual property than in the past Jacques Yves Cousteau and also Thomas Thornson were investigating...Tarpon, Fresh water Shark, sawfish...

View from second floor is 360% on water, Sunset, Bird watching,  are unique,  from our "Mirador"  you also  see Solentiname archipelago, Omotepe Volcanoes, and... Arenal volcano... 

Lodge is built over water with precious  Tropical Hard wood.. Rose wood, Mahogany....We offer a large dining room , three large bedroom with private baths on first floor , three additional bedroom on second  floor....We have telephone and INTERNET connection., No Mosquitoes ... Yes  Chayuls  at certain time of the year.( these ones do not bite ...)


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 2) Hotel Mancaron in Solentiname Archipelago, also Hotel Paraiso.. 

 FISHING Conventional Sport Fishing and Fly fishing, Rainbow bass, Mojara, Machaca... all year round

 HLS1.jpg (31741 bytes)    HLsol1.jpg (66167 bytes)   HLsol3.jpg (54940 bytes)   HLsol2.jpg (59992 bytes) 

  Hotel is located on Mancaron Island in Solentiname Archipelago  ( Great Nicaragua Lake) , lodge is at a hundred yard from pier in  the famous Historical community founded by Ernesto Cardenal.

The entire place  has been remodeled and refurnished in 2001 / 2003 and do offer correct comfort. The total capacity  is for 20 Guests. Lodging is  in Comfortable, Large,  Clean  small house with private bath.. Each for two persons 

There is only  one television ( local Channel ...) but a museum , a large Library, Bird watching,  artists..

Electricity from generator from 6pm  till 12 mn!! , The rest of the time Solar Energy... Current 110v , Standard US plugs

You will enjoy Bird Watching , Siesta and relax time in the Hammocks and Rocking chair of the large veranda,

The meals cook by Bertha are delicious...She knows so many way to fix our catch of the day... Mostly Rainbow bass

Close to the hotel you also can fish successfully from shore, Fly or Spinning for Wapote, Mojara, Machaca...


Arts, Bird watching, Archeology, Museum...  are  some of the activities than offer   the Community of Solentiname

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 3) Hotel Saballo  Rio San Juan 

FISHING: Conventional Sport Fishing and Fly fishing Giant Tarpon and  Snook all year round in front lodge 

Deck.jpg (26628 bytes)  MVC-004Fa.jpg (75486 bytes) inside.jpg (17940 bytes) MVC-012Fa.jpg (87350 bytes)  

NO DOUBT one of my favorite place in the entire area  , Probably UNIQUE in the world... ( Serious,  there are not many places where all year round you almost can  catch tarpon at 5 meters from  your bed room...) El rodal ( rapid ) del toro is a fantastic spot for tarpon and Snook fishing. it can be on conventional Sport fishing or on fly fishing.

 Fishing lodge is new , very comfortable, we have our bar , Lodge  is built in Precious tropical wood  in front of the Rapids  on the river bank.... There are Hammock and Rocking chairs on terrace, from there guests can Video tape their friends with Fish on.!!!

We take our meals in the Village at Clarissa's place...so far all guests  made wonderful comments upon  Clarissa Cooking, a mix of Local, International.. Italian, French .. She really is a very good  and creative chef , no doubt etc...   

A must The River Scrimps..( See the page Meals click  )


No far to go for one of the best fishing in the world ... I shot these photos from deck of Hotel Saballo  , No zoom..


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4) Hospedage El Castillo Rio San Juan

FISHING: Conventional Sport Fishing and Fly fishing Giant Tarpon and  Snook all year round  close to the  rapids

Castillo.jpg (23490 bytes)     Hospedage.jpg (31240 bytes)    image76H.jpg (13435 bytes)    osso13.jpg (37046 bytes)    osso11.jpg (34531 bytes)

Hotel is located in the  little town of El Castillo   40 miles  from San Carlos down on San Juan River...    Built in precious tropical wood hotel is  in the center of the small village, dominating the San Juan River. It offer a very good comfort,  TV, Telephone, etc, a bar, large lounge, Sofas, Hammock...

While having your breakfast on the veranda  ( served on white Table clothes ) you will watch tarpons jumping in the rapids.( No exaggeration )

I like to point out than People from the community of El Castillo  really made a lot of efforts in order visitors enjoy the place, the entire little town built at the bottom of the Fortress is very very clean, also there is no road , no car... really a hide away.

The fortress built on the hill dominating the river is in very good condition and offer a fantastic view of Rio San Juan, it  has an interesting Museum . It was built there in order to stop the pirates intrusion...( See  History  )

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Concerning fishing ( Conventional Sport Fishing or Fly fishing ) the place is famous, for tarpon witch are abundant all year round... Problem is the rapids so it is necessary to fish with Heavy tackles in order to dominate the tarpon very quickly...I will not risk safety of guests and boats  going through the rapids.. So no way to fish on light tackle close to  the rapids... Meanwhile if fishing 2-3  miles up river where tarpon are also abundant it is possible to use our traditional light tackles..

    Before and after El castillo do enter many Jungles rivers in the San Juan all of them very interesting to discover.

   Around  El Castillo , Snook   fishing is very good for Calva ( small snook up to 7/8lb )  from the end of September till the middle of January. ( The Calva Run )

Further down river is Bartola a  nice Hotel  lodge, famous place for snook fishing.


How to get there?...

 You can join us coming  via Nicaragua or Costa Rica we will  anyway be waiting  for you on Arrival at international airport .. and we will go together to fish San Juan River, Rio San Juan .


1) If you come via Managua (Nicaragua) your transfer to San Juan River fishing ground will be in Airplane, (55 mn flight with La Costena Airline  two flights a day ) over the Nicaragua Lake, Omotepe Volcanoes.. Solentiname.. 


2) If you arrive via San Jose (Costa Rica)  we will go to fish the same spots on San Juan River,  but your transfer will be longer as done by car or van, 4 Hours ride to the little Town of Los Chiles a scenic trip via the Central Mountains  of Costa Rica, Volcanoes Poas and Arenal, Café , Banana, Sugar Cane  Plantations.  .From Los Chiles  we  use  our boats to enter Nicaragua.. via Rio Frio Jungle river.



Lodging on arrival and departures days before and after your fishing days is always in First Class Hotels..


1) Arriving via NICARAGUA:


gran5.jpg (51001 bytes)   Gcall18.jpg (61801 bytes)  Gcall7.jpg (58293 bytes)


 Granada: Hotel Colonial 

Located in historical center of so beautiful  city of Granada 


Cbed1.jpg (58667 bytes) cstairs.jpg (50630 bytes) crestau1.jpg (59858 bytes)  Cpiscina.jpg (69715 bytes)  cmeuble2.jpg (63742 bytes)  Colonial5.jpg (59107 bytes)   

This is the nicest Hotel in Granada , certainly one of the best in all Central America, a " five star hotel", with all the usual commodities of such a place, Bar, Swimming pool etc etc...I definitely  like the special attention than the owner Mr. Etienne Vanoye ( Angler himself ) provide to my Fishing Guests. (  The van of the hotel wait for my guest at Managua International Airport ) Hotel is located in historical center of Granada , there are many bar in town always very busy...   Hotel colonial In Granada: a very special place 


 Granada: Hotel Alhambra 

Also located in historical center of  Granada, also a first class Hotel a very nice place to stay.

alham5.jpg (54647 bytes)  alham1.jpg (54717 bytes)  alham2.jpg (51583 bytes)  alham3.jpg (62247 bytes)  alhambed.jpg (48269 bytes)


 Managua:  Hotel  BEST WESTERN    Las Mercedes 

Very comfortable and convenient hotel as located at 3 mn from International airport, we use it when your International flight arrive late evening or at Night.. Following day early morning you fly to San Carlos with La Costena Airline..(55 mn)  where my lodge is located 


2) Arriving via COSTA RICA:


 You may decide to stay in the town of San Jose ... We use  modern  hotels offering  all the comfort you can expect, they are located in the center of night  life of the city , Bar, Casino.... 


 Hotel President  

A five star hotel located in Central San Jose 

sanjose1.jpg (26764 bytes) sj4.jpg (26493 bytes)  sj5.jpg (65572 bytes) sj6.jpg (60537 bytes) sj2.jpg (59212 bytes)


 Hotel del rey 

Place is famous for fun , include casino and World known Marlin bar





Hotel Santo Tomas


Hotel Santo Tomas! Awarded Frommer's Best Value Star and Lonely Planets Excellent Recommendation past 11 years !!!

A Four Star French Victorian mansion located in San Joses Historical District, Barrio Amon. Easy walk to all shopping, museums, nite life and cultural events.




You may prefer more quiet atmosphere and discover natural beauty of Costa Rica 


  Hotel Don Beto, Zarcero 


sarcer.jpg (20536 bytes) HLdb1.jpg (39496 bytes) HLdb2.jpg (58696 bytes)


The town of Sarcero  is located in the mountain of Cordillera Central ( 6000 feet ) at 1 hour from San Jose International airport in direction of  Los Chiles... Don Beto bed and breakfast is really a charming and very comfortable  place, it is manage by our Friends Luis and Roxana Quesada


Each trip is different, we move where  the fish are... 

For Example on a 7 days 6 Nights fishing trip, you can: 

1) Spend 5 nights at  New Guest House of San Carlos if fish are at entry of Nicaragua Lake or 5 Nights at  Fishing lodge of  Saballo if fishing is great in Rodal del Toro..... 

2) Or we can have a mix trip 

       *Two Nights in Saballo Fishing Lodge 

       * One Night  at  hotel El Castillo

       * Two Nights at Hospedage Solentiname..

Then Back to San Jose or Managua..


 Concerning  your  airline ticket   to Central America  


My pricing is for all include Packages round trip Airport to  airport in Central America.  Your international flight is not include.


 Many  Airlines companies  are offering a convenient service to Nicaragua or Costa Rica  but pricing of ticket have a lot of variation during the year...


We have an agreement with a specialized travel agency located in U.S.A .  We suggest you be  in touch E MAIL, with them we will research for you the best Airfares for your party whether you would be coming from  North America or Europe... Obviously this service is 100% FREE




1) Our fishing is in Remote Tropical area, Even if Town Water is said as Drinkable , do not drink it.. We have Gallons of Mineral water for our Guest.... Same with ice we have our own ice made  with purified water.


2) No special vaccines are necessary for our  trip


3) In all trips on San Juan River we have a laundry service  so no need to bring a lot of Clothes..


4) This may seems incredible but there is really very few mosquitoes  around  San Juan River , there are Chayuls but these ones do not bite..


5) At lodge at night there is always possibility to charge batteries of your Camera , cellular..110V USA plugs

6) If necessary we provide  ( at cost ) cellular phone service... This do not work everywhere but almost...


7) Do not forget to bring with you  your personal medicine  even if there are several  drugstore, Hospitals around our fishing  grounds .. your specific medicine may be difficult to find...


8) Also to bring with you in this trip , boat shoes, Sun cream, insect Repellent, pocket light, Film if you are not using Digital camera , Good Rain coat, Tropical light clothes, and also a sweater...No need to bring a lot of Clothes as we will have a cleaning service organize during your trip..


 TABACON RESORT AND SPA,  ARENAL VOLCANO   Costa Rica, Natural hot water spring coming from Arenal Volcano . Resort is really very nice, it is always a great moment for our guest to relax there  ( generally A half day on our way back to San Jose  ) So nice after some  days of hard tarpon fishing... Good buffet for lunch included with entry fee


 ECODIRECTA LODGE  Los Chiles Costa Rica, Located close to Rio Frio and Cano Negro  in the little quiet border town . From there we fish Rio Frio Cano negro for Tarpon and snook ( careful fishing is closed from the 1st of April till the 31st of July)

 HOTEL CARELYS      San Carlos Nicaragua

Two  hotel we are using in the border town of San Carlos, these are  very simple place, meanwhile rooms have complete private bath...

There is no other choice in town....

In 2004  I Will open my  Guest House in San carlos on my 30 acres land on Nicaragua lake shores in front of San Carlos...Wild life reserve of Los Guatousso. Guest house will be inaugurated in 2004


 HOTEL DON ALFREDO  Granada Nicaragua, another charming bed and breakfast located in the Colonial Historical center of Granada.. Alfredo Owner of the place is all of a character.. ask him for his special breakfast


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