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Our boats Julia Brava, Emilia, Cambute, Tigrillo, Pablito, Dolfin.... 

have been  specifically  built  to match our local conditions...



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Boats are sport fishing  with or without T-Top and large casting platform in the front ( Fly fishing, Spinning, Bait casting... ) Comfortable fishing chair in the back for trolling.  

We also offer  "Full open boats"  with Casting Platform.

All boats are  registered,  all Safety equipment aboard. Guides have  certified licensed.

We change Engines every two years.

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Additional information

In our fishing Adventures for tarpon , Snook and Rainbow bass fishing on San Juan River, Nicaragua Lake, and Rio Frio we always have two "Crew " aboard our boats  , one is the Captain, the other the Fishing guide , we like to fish with only two Anglers aboard and will eventually accept a maximum of 3 anglers , "who know  each other well before the trip’’. we will never add an additional unknown on your party.

We mostly receive groups of 2 to 8 Anglers ( fishing two per boat ). In case of Larger group we have additional boats available 

For Discovery/Ecological trips ( The Mark Twain Gold rush Road, Solentiname tours ..etc.. ) We have other boats and we can accommodate many more Guests.


Turistical & Ecological  tour

Several boats available available  from 4 till 30 Pasengers



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