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FISHING REPORT Fishing is normal for this time of the year ,  good for Giant tarpon  in San Juan River and very good for Rainbow bass in  close Solentiname Archipelago it is expected to be the same with sunny weather till  June   , after we will stilll have very good fishing but  weather will be a bit cooler ... not so hot because  with short rains... Well  even now (15th of February ) it is not to hot  



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Wapote, Lagunero, Rainbow bass,  Panachronis Dovii...

"A so beautifull  fish,  so strong, hard  fighter, and absolutely delicious to eat.."..( We Release most fish but it is almost impossible to  resist the temptation to keep one to enjoy the catch of the day for dinner with our Guests.. ..)

Fishing is on light conventional tackle ...Spinning and Bait Casting  Braided or Nylon, or Fly

Starting  this month of February 2005  we decided to offer our Guests Exclusive  fishing trips for Rainbow bass around the islands of  beautiful Solentiname  Archipelago, ( Obviously these trip can be exclusively for Rainbow bass  or mixed with our other trip dedicated to Giant Tarpon and Snook on San Juan River  ) In such expedition  we  generally sleep  on Mancaron Island at Hospedage of Ernesto Cardenal , or at Hotel Paraiso..  We also eventually go there for the day  from my Guest House of San Carlos...( 30 mn with our fast boat to reach the first island...) 

In these Exclusive fishing trip to  Solentiname we   catch .Rainbow bass, but  also have a lot of fun with  Mojara, Wapote, Machaca, ...Fishing is great  every day of the year there is no Specific season... 

We enjoy using  light tackles, Spinning, Bait Casting or Fly fishing. As lures Soft  Plastic, spinners, big o , Storm Rapalla ..We sometime  fish with  Popper.. it has to be very early morning  but really this is worst to get up,  the emotion is incredible... ( I really more and more enjoy Popper Fishing...)  

 Usual catch of Rainbow bass is between 4 to 8lb ...we had several  around 10 lb,  exceptional 12lb.....( the world record was around 10lb then...,  aparently this world record  has been recently beaten ( In Nicaragua of course )  and now is around 15lb

 STRANGE We did broke line ( 15lb and 20lb ) on very very big of these fish...I cannot give any estimate of weight of these  fish as we did not see them.. THEY WERE NOT IN THE ROCKS..... no doubt these where very big...

In my opinion an all tackle IGFA  World Record is absolutely  possible here in Solentiname Archipelago....  we broke the other day Guest Mr Keith Suk  ( Log ) on a fish we estimate far over 14lb..

All the spots I mention are at Maximum Half an Hour in our fast boats from my new Guest House  located in Wild life reserve of Los Guatousso... ( Where San Juan River Start ) 

For the future as well for Tarpon or Rainbow bass we have a lot of new spots to try  in the imensity of Nicaragua Lake... I have been told of several hot places in Wild life reserve of Los Guatousso...

Other places  to fish for Rainbow bass: 

A few Rainbow bass can eventually be caught in Rio frio and Cano Negro and  in the past I have been fishingwe also fish in Arenal Lake in Costa Rica  but honestly  nowday  fishing for Rainbow bass there (  Cano Negro, Rio Frio or Lake Arenal )   is not what it use to be  ( or what the pictures on the wall of hotel del rey  , blue Marlin bar show...)  

Well matter of name, of fame  a lot of people ear about it and wish to fish Lake Arenal ... Sorry I will not take you there as  tru is:  Nowdays it become very very very dificult to catch  a Rainbow bass in Lake Arenal..and this is a pity...

Fortunately for the aficionados " Lagunero" are really still  abundant in Solentiname  

For readers who can understand Spanish I sugest a look at http://www.elanzuelo.com/la_pesca_de_guapote.htm    a lot of informations concerning this so beautiful and strong fish.

What guest say: january 2005

My brother and I had a great time. Eliesser was a good host and a great guide.......
I'll attach a photograph, and if it comes through I would be happy to e-mail some others for you to use if you like.
It was a great experience and I look forward to hearing more about your plans for the future and helping with those if needed.
Best wishes,
Robert Deen
Member, National Association of Commissioned Travel Agents

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