San Carlos Sport Fishing Newsletter  

 Jungle rivers Big Game Fishing  on Rio San Juan, Nicaragua & Costa Rica     #66  13rd of April 2005

INCREDIBLE??? Congratulation to Kayro flores Junior  

First Tarpon for 7 years old  (Born in England on the 1st of April 1988 ) 

 On the 11th of April , Kayro caught  in perfect respect of the I.G.F.A. rules a tarpon whose weight has been estimated between 115lb/ 130lb ( line 25lb test ). He made this catch absolutely alone with the only help of the recomandation of Expert father Kayro Flores Senior.. all time by is side...nobody  except the younger touch the line or leader until leader touch the extrimity of the rod.

This catch happened in one of our favorite spot on San Juan River in Nicaragua , precisely a quarter of a miles down river from Santa fe, 20 mn away from our Lodge of La Esquina Del Lago..

Fish took the lure Rapala Super shad Rap fire tiger at 11 am  Jumped 36 times  and after 1 hour 5 minutes was to the boat and quickly released..after a photo on side of the boat. than Father Kayro Flores Senior promise he will send us as soon as he his back to Roma Italy , will be my pleasure to send everybody the picture sometime next week 

A few Details Road was a Shakespeare , reel PEN SENATOR Long beach 60  Setting was our usual Line, Bimini, double line Leader, Rapala knot , line 25lb , leader 90lb lengh 8 feet 

Congratulation Kayro ...I know  you are born on a first of April  I promis this report is 100% honest ...

NOTE.  As every year I recomand to angler than want to fish the 14th and 15th of September international Tarpon snook Rainbow tournament  of San Carlos with my team to be in touch as soon as possible as I still have some room... . Good new is than this year Tournament will be Catch & Release...  for  Tarpon     E-MAIL  PHILIPPE TISSEAUX  .