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 Jungle rivers Big Game Fishing  on Rio San Juan, Nicaragua & Costa Rica     #72  October  2005

Fishing Report September/October 2005  

In the last month..We had the pleasure to receive guests from USA, Venezuela, Spain, France  Among them Jean Alarcon, world famous angler...Expert in African Tarpon..Sherbro Tarpon Lodge in Sierra Leones ....

Jean is Born in Africa have beeen living there for 51 years...He start to work as a professional guide in 1972 in Senegal ,   have been fishing with some of the most famous  anglers...Jim edminson owner of El Zorro in virgin Island, Pierre Dupuis,who was in charge of all fishing and Hunting for Air Afrique  , Michel Delaunay owner of Sherbro Tarpon lodge in Sierra Leone...( YES THE LODGE WHERE SO MANY TARPON WORLD RECORD HAVE BEEN SET )  Christian Benaze one of the first certified IGFA  Captain…. The Ex-wife of Jean , Pascale Alarcon still own the world Record for tarpon on 20lb test line Class ..103Kg ..he own his personal lodge BANDAMA LODGE in Ivory Cost ..

Traveller Angler he has been fishing professionally in Puerto Rico , Guyana, Virgin Island, Australia ( 3 , 1000lb black Marlin ) , Madagascar, Gabon, Cap vert, Ghana, Tanzania, Zanzibar,Sierra Leone, Sao Tome Principe, Costa Rica,Canaris Island ( 1000lb six geels )...

..Jean explain me than my place is probably the absolute best actual place in the world for Tarpon fishing..Coming from such a World expert  this is really a wonderfull Acknowledgment

Jean Alarcon E mail is

 From a general point of view fishing as been In September and Octoberslower than usual ( average day is 10  strike, 3 fish to the boat, went down to 6 strikes 1 or 2 fish to the boat ) this is  due to very bad atmospheric condition unusual at this time of the year.. Tropical Storm , strong wind from South... Meanwhile we report many Released tarpon  including some on Fly. and good fishing for Rainbow bass ...

On the 15th of September was the annual Tarpon tournament my teams did well as we won the Catch and frelease category with a tarpon of 132lb, also took second place with a 128lb... 

The Dead and weighed tarpon category ( LAST YEAR THAN THIS CATEGORY EXIST ...IN 2006 ALL TARPON WILL BE RELEASED...MY WISH SINCE SO MANY YEARS...) Well winner of the category has been Mr Arcuyo from Nicaragua with a tarpon of 146lb 

We also orgnised two of  our new Mixt trip, 

Tarpon Snook Rainbow  from my lodge on San Juan river 

Plus in shore fishing at sea  from Mal pais on the pacific coast of Costa Rica close to wild life reserve of Cabo Blanco Fishing is for Rooster, Jacks.., Spanish Macquerel, etc ....

Both trip have been great  we also enjoyed the accomodations in a  very nice tropical beach hotel.........


Tarpon fishing  in coming months will be better as we plan to have the usual weather conditions...

I am curently working on my booking for the end of November, December, January, February, March, April...Even if I have already many reservation I still can accomodate trip in these months...

Best Regards

 Philippe Tisseaux  E mail:

A few facts about our Jungle River Big Game Fishing....

* We  always fish in quiet Jungle river, no waves, no ruff sea... we fish mostly conventional but also Fly  , we have all the professional equipment...

* We catch everyday Tarpon in the 90lb 200lb range and some bigger...  This is all year Round ., our bigger  weighted fish is 235 lb, we released bigger

* Tarpon are  present all year round in San Juan River... Going up and down from or to the Nicaragua  lake , they come  from Caribbean sea ...also it is remarquable than many  stay there and become  very big...they  even change color due to "Tannin" .in the rivers 

* With same length tarpon we catch here are heavier , fatter than the one of the Caribbean this is due to abundance of food..

* There is really an incredible quantity of tarpon here all year round  Many  time " we made "  some IGFA world record ... Obviously  "this do not count" as we did  not   registered..  reason is  we do not wish to kill fish ( We catch and release )  among these record : Children boys and Girl , Men 8lb , 12lb , Women 12lb etc etc..  In a trip with us  99% of the guests have tarpon released to the boat

  * Observation  concerning fish behaviour at that time of the year are almost the same concerning Rainbow bass ( a very good fighter ) than we catch in close Solentiname Archipelago .

* We are getting very busy from December till April. To be able to choose a specific  week during that time of the year it is necessary to make reservation almost one year in advance...

* I like to say than to describe  my trips I should say as once sugest me a guest " while only fish when you can have much more " 

*It is a fact than we have all year round an incredible quantity of fish around also than we are alone on the river..and nowadays this is a major Privilege.. but also The scenery is great, Rainforest , wild life, Top bird watching .. and  art, History, and you will meet very very nice local people ( This contact with local people will bring you exceptional memories..) ...

*We are please to offer  Guests since several month the confort of my new Guest House...Paola our Chef start to be famous..

* Our Fishing and Trips  as been describe in major Magazine as Field and stream , Sport Fishing etc.

* Fishing for Rainbow bass, mojara, machaca...on light and ultra light tackle..can be spinning or Fly  in Close Solentiname Archipelago is always very good 

* Since a few week I have in service new boats with  new engines... 

 * We are adding several room to lodge witch as recently been aproved and oficialy  clasified  Hotel after the INTUR inspection ( Tourism Ministery in Nicaragua )

* Fishing for Rainbow bass in Close Solentiname Archipelago is as  good as usual....


A lot of  information  available on web pages




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