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 Jungle rivers Big Game Fishing  on Rio San Juan, Nicaragua & Costa Rica     #81  13 th of March  2006


NEWS of San Juan river 


* In  February we had the pleasure to receive the visit of  TV show THE FISHING AMBASSADOR . Our destination has been selected with 11 others among all fishing Destinations in  the world..   Hey  we are going to be famous... 

THE FISHING AMBASSADOR staring Cyril Chauquet  is a new Tv show  than will be perform from September 2006 on DISCOVERY CHANEL . We filmed two show ( 8 days of filming each ) one upon our Tarpon Jungle River fishing on San Juan River Nicaragua , the other one upon  Rooster, Jacks, Ladyfish.. in our Pacific coast Salt water  destination of  Mal Pais in Costa Rica.   E mail:


* Beginning of March came Sott Rawling and friends From ALBERTA TV.. we had fun, Tarpon and very good video...Show will be broadcast  in coming summer and falls, apparently there will be two shows upon Tarpon of San Juan River and one show upon Rainbow Bass fishing in Solentiname...Thanks Scott we had a very good time with you ...and please never  stop singing you are great.


* I have no doubt than these shows will benefit my company but more Important they will contribute to a better Knowledge of San Juan River and of nowadays PEACEFUL  NICARAGUA.

* Fishing  in the last two month.. 

Big tarpon on San Juan River and  Rainbow bass in Solentiname...have been present. No problems in most of the trips, No problem at all concerning Rainbow bass  but some slow days  for Tarpon: Incredible quantity of fish all around the boats... but Lazy... hard to have them some tuff days unusual for us... 

Meanwhile I report many fish and some Special   close to 200lb ( We release all fish so these are estimation ) 

In some trip we moved a bit from usual fishing spots  and  made several trip down river and stayed at Saballo and Monte cristo. 

*We soon are going to have new engine, 4 Stroke SUZUKI, stronger and much more economical, also less noisy. 

* SPECIAL 0FFER  I have opening :  in April, May, and all the summer months: June, July August... This is a good time to come as Level of river is growing.... I  decided to make a Special offer:  10% Discount on all my advertise pricing.  Web  page:

For this Special offer Contact me directly  at Email  or tel 00 ( 506 ) 842 76 73 

*Concerning the Annual  Tarpon fishing Tournament 51th Edition ( This is the oldest Tarpon Tournament in Central America ) to be held on the 14th and 15th of September 2006 ... I also will make a Special pricing. Please be in touch I wish to receive a maximum of 8 Anglers ( It can be an entire group or several party of 2, 4..? ) , We will have 4 Boats entering the tournament . Trip will be on 4 Fishing days Minimum as we wish to practice with Guest the two days before the tournament.. Please  if interested contact me  as we can work on a specific Schedule for your party .

I remind everybody than apart from fishing this event is also very fun all town is involved...


Enter in the Atmosphere of our Fishing trip: Tarpon fever...

It's been one hour since we entered Nicaragua via the Rio Frio  aboard "Julia Brava".
On this border in the middle of nowhere, the border guards are very friendly. Obviously Eliesser  and Fernando  our guides know them well... We stop at this Rancho on river banks an entire family live many young kids, we bought River scrimps from them, udge 1lb each ..the boat is now gently rolling, surrounded by intense jungle vegetation, this is the famous rain forest.... huge trees, orchids... wild life is all around. A congo monkey is screaming... there it is, at the top of an almandro tree.... high in the sky an eagle.... so many birds all around.... cormorants, aigrettes, even Jabiru... it's so quiet far.....
It's warm but not so hot. We have rain and sun and rain and sun.... the stange part is that even at night on the upper San Juan River or at the lodge there are no mosquito!!!!
The boat moves slowly, you think of the  river scrimps Eliesser bought at a rancho in the jungle, he said  ''We'll have them for dinner..'' so big... 1lb each...
It's so quiet here ...
Hard to believe that 150 years ago, during the height of the Gold Rush more than 100,000 pioneers going to California passed through here aboard Mr. Vanderbilt's boats....among them Mark Twain. He wrote:

    "Dark crottos, fairy festoons, tunnels, temples, columns, pillars, towers, pilasters, terraces, pyramids, mounds, domes, walls, in endless confusion of vine-work -- no shape known to architecture unimitaded-- and all so webbed together that short distances within are only gained by glimpses.         Monkeys here and there; birds warbling; gorgeous plumaged birds on the wing, Paradise itself, the imperial realm of beauty -- nothing to wish for to make it perfect."

    Mark Twain
    San Juan River

You are really far away, fishing in almost virgin spots but also enjoying unique jungle scenery...
How many pictures did you shoot already? How many rolls of film did you bring ?

Hey!!!... Suddenly the Penn Senator starts to whistle.. and whistle.. "Fish on !!! Go 70 yards...100 yards and then comes an explosion...the 180lb tarpon jumps out of the water. So high!!... almost 10 feet!!!  Splash... and again the line goes... here we are, but I did warn you:
"Ever had a tarpon? Careful, if you take that rod.. maybe you will catch that silver king.... but  what I'm certain  you will catch is ..TARPON FEVER.." .
(I caught the virus long ago in then quiet Africa. There's no cure...)

So you decide...but please be quick, it did jump again...and the Reel will soon be  empty...
Wether you're into casting, fly fishing or trolling, feeling the power of a 180lb tarpon on a line is one of the most exciting fishing experiences... At San Carlos Fishing on your first trip we'll arrange it so that you catch your first tarpon on 30lb or 25lb lines.... then with practice and experience we'll progressively put lighter lines and tackles 2olb..15lb.. some of our regular guests use now 12lb or 10lb!!! ( They provide the lures....fair? ).
What makes our fishing really exceptional is that the presence of tarpon is not a problem, tarpon are abundant  all year round... we also catch a lot of good sized snook in the 10lb to 40lb range and rainbow bass...
Fishing conditions are the best since we are fishing inland and freshwater, no rough seas, no hard "Barra " to pass...we can  fish quietly and successfully every day of the year.
Our other target fish are big snook, gar, rainbow bass ( The "Lagunero" IGFA world record was set in Nicaragua towards the end of the year 2000).

I am pleased to offer Real Fishing adventures in Unique Jungle Scenery.

Philippe Tisseaux.

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