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   Other fishes  of  Rio San Juan, and Nicaragua Lake  


Machaca, Guapote, Mojara, Tilapia, Saw fish, 

Drum, Fresh water Shark, Other strange fish ....


Machaca ,  

Size from 1lb to 10 lb usual catch 5/7lb . Above Picture are from my two sons Alex and Alain with several 8+ lb not to bad for my then 7 and 6 years old as IGFA World record is 9lb something... 

A mini tarpon , jumps, Runs etc ...( Local people call it Sabalette  Tarpon is known as Sabalo ..) , very fun to catch on light tackle or Fly  Abundant all year round with some peak.. Very aggressive we have many  on trolling for Tarpon they will take the same Rapalla Magnum 14!!!

machaca.jpg (21804 bytes) alex machaca.jpg (45656 bytes) tableau2.jpg (43546 bytes) DSC02769.JPG (352251 bytes) DSC01290.JPG (342703 bytes) DSC00827.JPG (352621 bytes) IMG_0532.jpg (35505 bytes)


1lb to 3lb + Same we catch them as we are fishing for the big Lagunero ( Rainbow bass ) . Available  from deck of Lodge using small Sardine as a bait.. but mainly in Solentiname Archipelago. We also have good result in the Swam around the Lodge in Rio Frio , ..fishing under  the bush with lures or Bait....

Bass.jpg (20063 bytes)   




A funny little fish 1lb to 3lb , than we catch as we are fishing for Wapote or Rainbow...Mojara take the same lures and are very agressive, they are coming in a very large range of colors...

    MOJARA.jpg (13779 bytes)  green Mojara.jpg (29934 bytes)    

Joyce Tilapia.jpg (29189 bytes) TILAPIA Occasional catch , I report two interesting fish we caught on Trolling??!! One of 6lb ( Mrs. Joyce Perew )  the other one of more than 11lb , by Mr. Feroque  , well IGFA World record is 6lb something...we did not report this record as I am scared than Tilapia Farmer from all over the world would come here....



tableau.jpg (20845 bytes)Roncador ( Drums )

Present in large quantities at certain time of the year, will take almost anything from trolled Rapalla 14 to Live Worm...



Sawfish  may be very very big... This bill is at the Entrance of Hacienda San Pancho, fish had been catch years  ago by a familiar of Mr. Carlos Coronel This was a 1800lb fish...Rito my guard has been fishing the lake for 20 years...Among the fish he caught was a Sawfish of 1200lb on hand line in a wooden canoe. Nodaway the only Sawfish I saw was is the little one of the pictures below caught in a net by a local professional Fisherman

CAMARA Phil 032.jpg (352052 bytes) CAMARA Phil 033.jpg (324262 bytes) CAMARA Phil 035.jpg (362061 bytes)Eliesse.jpg (34546 bytes)


Strange fish in the Lake???

 Any Marine Biologist around than can help us to identified? These fish have been caught with net by local Profesional Fisherman..

DSC02186.JPG (362243 bytes) DSC02197.JPG (357447 bytes) DSC02206.JPG (360579 bytes) 

Up date May 2008  Thanks to the so many readers who send me  the correct information,,, These fish are PLETCO .. They are originally from the Amazon. They are botom feeder very  useful in Aquarium.. They are the one ( Much Smaller ) than clean the Glass... How did they get there is a mystery as not native from the area... Explanation may be than some have been drop by accident in the lake?  as they have no predators here and condition are optimum they start to reproduce as crazy... They are many nowadays .. edible as says Polo one of my guide but so so... (  They are only fished on netting...)



Nicaragua lake is famous for its Fresh Water Shark... They are present in the entire area in small quantities. In the past scientific investigations has been held .. .  Sorry for the Adventurers It is not a specific kind of Shark we are talking of the well known Bull Shark.  Nowadays as the sawfish, Bull Sharks are Protected by Marena so we do not fish  for them.. In the past till 2004 We had several accidental confrontation with them...as we where fishing for Tarpon on live or dead  bait....

 * Tarpon and Sharks  This happen in January 2001 Tarpon on line since 1hour and a half was starting to give up...everything was Ok and suddenly the fish did became like crazy, a short run on the right then on the left ...Total surprise for Domenico...No time to react , to much drag and broken line.. this aparently exhausted, tarpon had such a reaction because of the presence of a shark..... We saw the fin  ( We still have a few Bull sharks here...Some of the survival of the famous " Nicaragua Fresh water Shark" described by Thomas Thornson and Comandant Jacques Yves Cousteau ) . Since two years than I am fishing the area this is the second time this strange situation happen, I never saw the shark but consider than his presence is the explanation of this so strong and crazy run of the Tarpon..

I found  a  book concerning the SHARKS of Lake  Nicaragua   SAVAGE SHORE

 Link is:  http://www.bookreporter.com/reviews/080505555X.asp


These are my comments: Well definitely this is and "adventures book.'' An "Indiana Jones thing" with a bit more blood... .. a lot of emphasis... Many thing have changes... My opinion:  I am not  specifically  crazy and I go fishing there with my young Kids.... Now days  the area is quiet , Tourism more than welcome and perfectly safe  So I figure  Nicaragua  did change a lot  its people also ....   

I like to point out than  I do not know of any attack/accident  with Sharks in the entire San Juan and Nicaragua Lake since we fish there... Well the book is interesting specifically as a description of the area... 

Following is the description...

SAVAGE SHORE: Life and Death with Nicaragua's Last Shark Hunters
Edward Marriott
Metropolitan Books
ISBN: 080505555X"The Atlantic coast and, sixty miles to the south, the mouth of the San Juan River marked the beginning of all these journeys: here, in these unquiet, shifting waters, bred the bull shark, Carcharhinus leucas, the most willful and aggressive of all tropical sharks. Like no other shark, it possessed the ability to cross from salt water to freshwater, hunting far upriver to the lake beyond, cruising the coast, the bar mouth, and the San Juan's brackish lower stretches. The coastal and the river people hunted the shark for its fins and for its oil, feared it and revered it; every village had had family taken in its jaws. It was shark where shark should not be --- in fresh water, on human territory."

Edward Marriott attempts to plumb the minds of bull shark hunters, hoping also to experience the hardship and danger of a shark hunt in the freshwater of Nicaragua's jungle coast "with its mangrove swamps and alligators, hurricanes and stiff westers that washed up bales of high-grade cocaine, shrink-wrapped for export." The result is SAVAGE SHORE, an unusual travelogue and an eloquent indictment of relentless imperialism, conspicuous overconsumption, racial and economic prejudice, and even drug use, and their combined effect on the impoverished people of the small country of Nicaragua.

Although Marriott does brave the open waters to hunt sharks, it becomes increasingly obvious that he is in more danger from the human element. Marriott spends much of his time in Bluefields on the Atlantic coast and at the mouth of the San Juan River that leads to Lake Nicaragua. Bluefields can be likened to a rough mining town, and Marriott encounters "a bastard brew of Creole, Miskito, Sumu, Ramu, black Carib..." and discovers that each group distrusts the other and that all of them hate the Spanish, the Costa Ricans, the modern-day pirates, and the Colombians --- although the Colombian cocaine that washes ashore is gathered by one and all to use or to sell.

SAVAGE SHORE is a well-written, compelling olio of travel memoir, political and economic history, and social commentary. It is also an eye-opening account of the natural history of the bull shark --- the only shark known to travel inland --- the fear and greed it continues to provoke in humans, and the widescale massacre that has led to its current plight in Lake Nicaragua, "its crucible, its unglamorous, rough-shored, uniquely fitting home."

 Reviewed by Jami Edwards

(c) Copyright 2001, Bookreporter.com. All rights reserved.


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