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NOTE  October 2010 .

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Since that fishing has been the same..  All year round for Big Tarpon ....

Also we made trips in new Destinations around...

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Fist some Magasine and Newspaper articles ( English and French ) concerning our Jungle Rivers fishing trips... 

Then some comments of guests who experienced our fishing Trips  .... (some in English some in French )


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Guests accolades and Comments 

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january 2005

My brother and I had a great time. Eliesser was a good host and a great guide.......
I'll attach a photograph, and if it comes through I would be happy to e-mail some others for you to use if you like.
It was a great experience and I look forward to hearing more about your plans for the future and helping with those if needed.
Best wishes,
Robert Deen
Member, National Association of Commissioned Travel Agents

June 2004

Philippe, Wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I appreciated your hospitality last week! It was an adventure of a lifetime! I look forward to being with you (and the Tarpon) again in the very near future! Best personal regards! Jim Perry P.S. Let's talk regarding Maxima...also, any idea on when you will be able to email me the picture of my HUGH Tarpon?

Jim Pery


November 2003   Hey Philippe,

I'm glad you emailed me, I've been meaning to send a thank you note to you. 
We thoroughly enjoyed our trip, both tarpon fishing in Nicaragua and the few days we spent with you afterward.  You're an excellent guide, and we know you worked hard to make us happy.  You drive like a madman, though.  I'm glad to see you made it back to San Jose in one piece (just kidding).

I thought your operation is top notch, and you completely met my expectations for our trip.  Our guide  Elise (spelling?)  was great, hard-working, and very patient.  I know we made some jokes about the hotel in San Carlos, but the fishing nearby made it worth having to stay there.  All in all we had a great time and are looking forward to another trip in the future.

I'll keep my eye open for the Dorado boat you're looking for.




October 2003  Dear Philippe:

I will write you a second note confirming our plans for January but I wanted to write this note as a testimonial to the wonderful fishing trip we had last week.

First I want to start, because it seems to always come up, by assuring anyone who is considering traveling to Nicaragua that it is more dangerous in your backyard. I have never met more caring or gentile people who's main goal is to try to please. The service and the guides were as good as I have had anywhere.

The fishing was simply amazing.

There were five of us in two boats. We fished a combination of trolling, sight casting and fly fishing. Clearly trolling is the most effective way to fish. In three days of fishing we had more then 20 hookups trolling (two doubles) with 8 fish landed the largest approx. 180 pounds.

In addition I landed one fish by sight casting directly to him with a light weight spinning rod and hooked up three times on my fly rod fighting one fish for over two hours over 4 or 5 miles of river before he threw the hook. We estimated this monster at about 150 pounds and I am glad he won the fight he deserved to. We fished about 6 hours a day and the smallest fish takes over an hour to land. Do the math there wasn't much down time. The action was constant.

A note on the fly fishing. This isn't a place for a beginner for a couple of reasons. First the obvious these fish are huge and I mean huge. Second the fly fishing here reminds me a little of steelehead fishing. I had my best luck with a 350 grain 25 foot sinking tip cast parallel to the boat with the fish taking the fly on the swing. Of the three fish I hooked I only cast directly to one of them. The other two were pretty deep and took it on the swing. I used a ten weight rod but if you have something bigger I would suggest you bring it. No matter what you think about how much fun it is to catch big fish on light tackle again let me repeat myself these fish are huge! You will need all the help you can get.

The hotel in Granada is a lovely hotel in a historic Spanish town. These are very good accommodations. I would suggest if you are bringing you wife unless she is pretty hardy I would leave her here and go fishing in San Carols without her. That having been said we loved the lodge in Sabalos. Its the real thing pretty good food (be sure to have them get you some giant fresh water prawns) GREAT service and the perfect location to tarpon fish. There was even hot water when the breaker didn't pop. There were thousands of huge fish rolling constantly right in front of the lodge. Dug out canoes going by and people washing cloths on stones on the river banks. This is not for everyone but if it sounds good to you then I can assure you, you will like it. The sun sets were spectacular and as long as you kept the lights out at dusk NO BUGS.

The final thing about this is we only saw one other tarpon fisherman in three day!

As this is both a letter and a testimonial I would like to again thank Philippe and his entire EXCELLENT staff. I look forward to seeing you again in January and will contact you as soon as I nail the dates down exactly.

W.Mark Foster     October 2003


Thanks for being so accomodating - I know that our group was a "challenge". I'll be back - perhaps to do as you suggested and mix some bass fishing in with the Tarpon fishing.
Best regards
Alan November 2003


Dear Phillipe Augusto and Abraham!

We would like to thank you for a fishing trip of a life time. A professional organisation combined whit probably the best tarpon/snook fishing in the world is a good summary of the trip. Amazing nature and friendly people makes it even more attractive for any travelling fisherman/woman to make a trip to the Rio San Juan area. We have learned a lot during our stay. Augusto and Abraham where among the best guides we ever experienced and they enthusiasm was breathtaking.

During a week we jumped more than 40 tarpon (40-200+lbs) and had 9 to the boat (40-150+lbs) we had also a lot of snook (10-20+lbs) The amount of fish in San Juan River has to be seen to be belived.

So thanks again and see you in the future.

 Best regards

 Janos/Camilla July 2003


hello philppe
its cold & snowing here in ky. i just wanted to comment on our recent trip  with san carlos fishing.A GREAT TRIP !!!!!!!
all  had a super time     two times to rio colorado with only one strike     when we left san jaun river the other guys were hoping they didn't have to fight other tarpon    i stiill had enough energy for one more     mark's tarpon must have been 225 to 250 lbs. mine was around 150 lbs  we all other fish on that we could not bring in    you said not to worry that we would all catch fish      the snook were not too bad either   two of which would go 20 to 25 lbs.    food great ! people friendly & helpful!   your fishing team excellent!     lots of new things to see,    people to meet  ,  fish to catch,  no bugs   except a few on Solentiname  good luck on your new lodge    next year we are going to golfito but  the next year we hope to see granada  & san carlos fishing for some of your great hospitality & fishing once again    

Fred bosley



Hello Philippe,
I want to thank you for a really fantastic trip. You run  a very good operation. Everything was perfect.  The only thing bigger than the tarpon are the hearts of the Costa Rican and Nicaraguan People. It was the trip of
a lifetime. Thank you so much.
I will highly recommend Nicaraguafishing.com and your services to all my clients and contacts. I look forward to fishing with you again in the very near future.

Capt. Lindy Yow  January 2003



       What can I say, the trip could not be any better, the Fish are just like you talk about only bigger a person cannot imagine how excited one person can get, until they experience a 225 lb+ Tarpon towing them up the San Juan River!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
       You have a very special relationship with the Nicaraguan people that you should be very proud of.........This takes time and great understanding.......
       As you could probably tell I fell in Love with all the people and lodge It was the first time in many years I felt "truly relaxed."
       If any one is concerned about safety make sure to tell them the most unsafe spot in the whole trip was the MIAMI AIRPORT,

I will be in touch and pass the word on your business, I am always open to looking at future plans possibly.........

Thank You so Much
           Mike Birdseye January 2003


Dear Philippe:
Our trip was great - thank you.  You delivered more than expected or advertised.  I have mailed to you all of the pictures I took on the trip - use them as you like.  I tried to scan them to my hard drive and then email them - no luck - came out very poor.  My comments on the trip - you and your staff - outstanding - Augusto, Napolean, Augusto's brother, Luis - all served us very well.  Transportation, meals, hotel, fishing - excellent.  Tabaccon is a must see - thank you for suggesting it. 
- spend a bit of time explaining how hard it is to boat a tarpon and techniques to use to successfully land one; even with those fishermen who think they know it all - which of course were not us!!! 
- the river shrimp are also a must, even if you have to charge extra for the feast.
- try to get everyone a chance to go to the borders - like you did for me to the Nicaragua / Costa Rica border - a real nice thing to do and have a photo memory of.
I received an email from Ben Michel / Florida and gave you rave reviews.  Let me know how he likes his trip to Nicaragua in January - he is planning on going via Managua.
More later - until then - thank you very much and have a very Merry Christmas.
My best regards,
Jim  December 2002


" we fished with Phil. He is a good guy and wants to make sure that you have a good time. We caught many tarpon in the 80 to 200 lb. class.

Phil's area is one of only two in the whole world where you can expect to catch a mature tarpon (breeding age). Most Florida tarpon are 60-100 lbs." Hal Ford January 2002 Texas


" Good to hear from you...i'm sure it's been crazy lately. We're both doing well...just got moved into our new apartment. I got some pictures back that I'll scan and email to you when i get the chance...."Andy and Andrea Wright January 2002 USA


"Medioqueso is unforgettable... that is perhaps the highlight of my trip. I am planning on returning to Nicaragua/Costa Rica in June or July God willing. " B.J. Murrey Texas January 2002


Augusto and Walter are great guys, I enjoyed my time with them. Nicaragua is a very poor country, but the people are still happy. It made me realize how important it is to live for the day and not get caught up in the material possessions. If people with nothing can be happy and content, Why can't we ? The trip was a good life experience for me. I am planning on returning as soon as possible. And just spend 4 or 5 days going for the big ones.   Please tell Augusto and Walter I said hello. If they are not booked and the Tarpon bite is on please contact me. I can be on a bus and in Los Chilies in no time "   Jerry November 2001


"We had such a wonderful trip , thanks to you and  your great hospitaliy ! Thanks again for hosting one of the best vacations ever."

Terry, March 2001




Philippe,  We got the pictures and the fishing report. They brought back memories of good times.  I forgot something. Of course you can give my email to people who are interested in making the trip.  Talk to you soon,    George and Jane November 2001 Florida


"I enjoyed the trip and would do it again."

Tom Kennedy, July 2001


" We had a wonderful time, and I certainly plan to be back--it would be an honor to fish again with you, Augusto, and Juan. Please feel free to list me as a reference for people who inquire in the future".   Jeff loyd, February 2001


All the best and both Nan and myself are looking forward to our next trip with you and some tarpon!"   Bob Church, October 2000


"Sounds like the fishing is just as unbelievable now as it was when we were there. My action photo of the tarpon that mark caught that we had been hoping for did not come out. I guess it was too dark. Mark apparently has some great pictures though. I will try to get some together to send via email. Other than that not much is new for us guys caught in the rat race. I hope you and Carmen and the young&! nbsp;fishermen had a great christmas and a happy new year. In the mean time we are saving money as best we can so we can return to our friends, the waters del rio san juan, and the challenging tarpon.Sincerely,"   Andrew Dugery, November 2001


Phillipe - thank you again for a fun trip on the Rio San Juan. We will bee-mailing you some pictures in a few days.

Lars Andersen USA July 2001



"Hi Philippe,

The fishing report was very good and true :o) ... I cannot say more about how happy I was with the trip and crew."

Peter Gorinsky, January 2001.


" We had a great time fishing with you and Augusto and Walter.Keep in touch. Yours very truly,"Joyce Perrew, March 2001


Philippe, "Thank you for a great trip. Great pictures too! I sent them around to my friends and a couple of them said they were interested in checking out your Nicaragua operations.  We'll see how it develops but I'd love to come down myself next year and combine some fishing for tarpon and bonefish."   Haldvan Nicholaysen, November 2000


Hi Philippe    "Gail and I enjoyed the trip Feel free to use me as a reference any time."  Doug Hearn, May 2001


"We really enjoyed the trip and can't wait until our wive's let us go again! My thumb feels fine now and none of the 21 patients I operated on today got hurt "   Dr Alan Schuster, February 2001




Andy Inman, June 2001


Philippe, Como esta? We all arrived home safely. Now back to work! Ugggg!!! I think the highlight of the trip was our good fortune to meet you and your family, and of coarse Augusto. Thank you for such a wonderful adventure.    Dr Thomas Garrisson, September 2001


Salut amigo , eh bien le retour à été impec! et je crois que Thierry a bien apprécié le séjour .Tant, mieux depuis le temps qu'il voulait son Tarpon. Alain Cavard Avril 2002


" Quelques mots pour t'exprimer mes remerciements pour ces belles journées passées a San Carlos. et te souhaiter un joyeux noël et une bonne et heureuse année 2002 pleine de tarpons et de pecheurs heureux. Feliz Ano Nuevo a toda tu familia y tambien a los marineros, y al mejor de la comarca Augusto la terror de las sardinas! Sitot que je pourrais ,je t'enverrais un Video CD lisible sur PC ou DVD player du film que j''ai édité.  A bientot j''espere pour une peche des rainbow a la mouche " 

Dr Andre Fesquet Decembre 2001


Salut Philippe

Comment vas tu? ça a l'air de bien marcher!. J 'allais cette semaine t'envoyer un email pour voir ce que tu pensais de la peche dans le lagon las perlas et cococohiba cayo pres de bluefield.Les grands esprits se rencontrent,je vois que tu as la meme idée comme on en avait parlé l'an  dernier.La peche du tarpon(pas trop gros et du bonefish a la mouche m'enthousiasme depuis que je suis allé en mai à Cuba ou ce fut le bonheur. 

Dr Andre Fesquet Octobre 2002


Salut c'est Jean-Jacques   Sympa surement ton nouveau QG je te fais confiance. si tu as besoin de quelque chose introuvable pour toi ( comme les bouchons ) ne te genes pas. je peux t'envoyar ca de france mais dis moi ou? et en francais c'est plus facile!!  Amities Sebastien se joint a moi FEVRIER 2002

We received Guests from many country in the world:

Jonas and Pamela Sweden, Mark Foster Maine USA,  Damian Chang California USA, Mike and Lindy ( Naples Florida ), Julie and Fabien ( France ) Bob  and Family (New Mexico USA) , Janos ( Sweden ), Paul Hataway ( Florida USA )Pierre (Germany ), Niko (Holland), Jeff  Klassen (CANADA),Claude (France), Jay from ( Florida USA), Sam ( California USA), David, California USA, Aaron ( USA ), Thomas  (Texas USA ), Ob ( Texas USA ), Frank yerich ( Texas USA ), Etienne Vanoye ( FRANCE ),  Liliane Richard & Elene ( St Martin FWI ), Yves Van verbecke ( FRANCE ), Mark Eisele  (Philadelphia USA ), Dominico Rugiero ( Mineapolis USA ), Andrew ( Baltimore  USA ), Andre Fesquet ( FRANCE ), Patrick Fesquet ( FRANCE ), Bob Church CANADA ), Nancy Church ( ENGLAND ), Peter (GUYANA ), Alan Schuster (Palm Beach USA ), Jeff Loyd ( Orlando USA ), David (Orlando USA ), Halvdan Nicolaysen ( NORWAY ), Mario Saenz ( Club Amateur de pesca Costa Rica ), Vincent ( Club National de pesca /Snook turnament master costa rica), Alberto (COSTA RICA ), Roberto Ruiz (Club National de pesca COSTA RICA ), Joyce and Terry (Mineapolis USA ) , Doug and Gael  (Atlanta USA ), Andy Iman (ENGLAND ), Tom and Eugene Kennedy (USA ).... Jack Thedford (USA ) , JamesThedford (USA ), James Murrey (USA ), Bennie Murrey (USA )(USA ) James Clark , (USA ) Eugene Kinder, (USA ) Joseph Spawn, (USA ) Ross Smith, (USA ) Gerald Marsh (USA ) Hal Ford Smith  (USA ), Sebastien Guiton ( France ), Jim Smith ( USA )...


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