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REPORT # 11 Thursday the 15th of March 2001

Fishing expedition in Nicaragua from the 8th to the 13th of March.

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Our Guests Andre and Patrick Fesquet were specialy coming from France to discover our fishing. .

I did wait for them at San Jose Airport on the 7th of March, we did sleep in a charming Hotel in the mountains of Sarcero. Folowing day at 9am we did reach Los chiles from there we entered Nicaragua aboard Julia BRAVA , after a quick lunch ( Traditional Bao ) Fishing did start at 1 pm.. Patrick did have his tarpon 130lb ( Rapala 14, Release to the boat ), We had several other hits and tarpon jumped on line...

In the folowing days Andre also did release his tarpon , about the same size, we had many hits ... a monster on line I would say around 240lb who did not jump but only did shake half of the body out of the water as it is usual with the very big guys...Andre did also fight one for 35 mn, but fish escape as line did broke????We still wonder why..?? .

From a general point of view Tarpon fishing this time have not been so good as usual Dificult to explain why , but we where in full moon time and I notice that Day time fishing in this period of the month and of the Summer time here is more dificult ..My explanation is than fish do feed at night, in this period of the year there is no clouds/a lot of light..so they can feed.. also the weather was very hot, no wind..so fish are not very active in the day under these hot conditions they stay quiet at the bottom of the river ...we had tarpon hits only when the weather was a bit cooler, even for a few minutes..a single cloud , a bit of fresh air made the diference...

During this trip we took advantage of this No wind sunny weather and went fishing on the great lake to the nearest Islands of Solentiname Archipelagon, I confess than I am not a Top Bass pro guide I am still learning , but these fish here are very abundant so we had a lot of Rainbow bass the bigest around 6lb...For this fishing my guest fish on light Spinning tackles or on fly... A lot of fun a lot of fish no really big one ( We usualy catch 8/10lb ..) but a very good time.

Another day we also went fishing for Machaca on light Spinning tackle, a lot of fun, very good fighter.

We did end the trip fishing for Bass and Gaspar in Rio Frio in Costa Rica, we had many of each...

In this trip we did experience several kind of fishing...Andre and Patrick are very good and Experienced fishermen in Europe, There they usually go for Bass, Salmon, Sigure and Co they even go To Siberia in special fishing expedition organise by a french guide, the condition are dificult but fishing incredible there.... They discovered and enjoyed the power of our Tropical fish, I had no complain concerning meals and accomodation..

I have several trips coming in the next weeks, Obviously we will avoid to fish for tarpon in Full moon condition.at this time of the year .Yes we do catch but it is not as usual

In our spots fishing is good all year round but I take advantage of this report to remind all readers than in May , the rainy season start here. THE RIVERS START TO GROW , FISHING IS EVEN GETTING BETTER, MORE WATER WE CAN USE OTHER LURES .. I only have a few booking for these coming months and this is a pity ( From the fishing point of view..) 

Philippe Tisseaux


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