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Fishing Report #13   7th to the 10th of April 2001 .

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Guests Mario, from the board of Club Amateur de pesca of Costa Rica ( An institution here Club has been created in 1946 IGFA since 1947 ) , Vincent Vice President of Club National de Pesca ( Also organisator of the Snook Master Tournament of Costa Rica ) , and Adolpho member of Club National .

As usual we had many hits but unfortunately only two big tarpon to the boat and no snook ..

With these very experienced anglers we did learn and exchange a lot, try new techniques. etc .. For example we did quit all the triple hook on our floating Rapalla and use one single Circle hook mounted around 2 cm in front of the Rapalla .. ( Catalina ) as do now most of the guide fishing for big tarpon in Africa.....This setting has not been very successful , Honestly the mounting we made was not perfect and we will have to try again... What I consider more and more important is the weight of the lure...the lighter the better ( No resistance no weight... so difficult for the tarpon to through it out this is probably why the Balsa Rapala works...) I am thinking to built some special lures soon...( Why not in Polystyrene ??? Did any reader experience that? I know it will only be a one strike lure but? all those who have been fishing with us do know how look a so expensive brand new Rapala after a fight with a 150lb tarpon.. )

During this trip we also have been fishing almost two days for Wapote/Lagunero/Rainbow bass in Solentiname Archipelago ( No big Rainbow bass that time the biggest around 6/7 lb usual size is 8 to 12 lb ) ) we had a lot of them on light tackle , casting usually very very close to shore...

For this really fun fishing definitely Solentiname island is a very good place ...Our expert fishing guests did agree . We where using Spinning but it is also great on fly as we did in another trip with our friend Peter Gorinsky . In this time of the year the Nicaragua lake may become ruff , this is definitely no problem when we are fishing in the Archipelago even with very heavy winds but for example this time it would have been risky to go back to San Carlos in the evening ( 12 miles of open lake ) so we had to spend the night on one of the island ...A very nice fun and cool experience,

The Solentiname islands remain a very special and Unique place, so beautiful, absolutely no Mosquitoes no bugs.. ... We had Grilled fish, Excellent Gallo Pinto, Tortillas....we did sleep in Hammock in a rancho close to the unique house on the small island (10 Acres ) . An entire very simpatico Fishermen family live there, they own the Island and have a very special style of living far from any kind of pollution so close from real Ecology...Very friendly they gave us Hospitality and also I did learn a lot from them not only from the fishing point of view... .

This kind of improvisation is also part of my fishing expedition....

 Note Fishing there has been better during the day than early Morning or late evening????

In the future I plan to have at least one day of such fishing for all my guest coming for a week with us...and why not a night?...I am planning to set up with this family a kind of small guest house there.

In the coming weeks the rainy season will start , level of San Juan will grow and more tarpon will be in front of San Carlos...No need to go far it will be like that till the end of March next year, and every day Full moon or not no difference...

( Concerning the rainy season , there is no reason to worry about the weather, Ok it is raining but then sunny then rain then sun...most of the time cloudy but rain only at night... Really nothing major , and the fishing condition are more than excellent... )

We have some guests coming from USA and France in the coming weeks , I will receive them this time at San Jose Airport in Costa Rica also some did decide to enter via Managua Nicaragua. As usual I will write fishing reports...about these Fishing Expedition.


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