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Fishing report #15 bis .  Trip from the 3 to 7th of June 2001 Nicaragua

Tarpon world record on 12lb ?7 hours on line

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The Great new is than we had a potential world record for tarpon during our last trip: we estimate this fish around 200lb and were fishing  on 12lb. Fish 7 hours on line Leader at tip of the rods several time. ( We had big fish in other trip but never on 12lb as we usually use 20/30lb )

Fish as not been weighted but we had it to the boat many time and we had so many tarpon than when we see them we can estimate the weight ... Experience show than we may be wrong from only 10lb + or -

Doug our guest hit the fish at 12 pm Casting for "small Tarpon " in Medio Quesso

As usual In the morning we had a lot of fun with small ones under 100lb some hits at 3 yards from the boat...The tackle we were using were perfect but we decide in order to make it more fun to use our Bass rods....we had several small fish with them then came the major surprise..on a long cast almost imediately after the lure did hit the water...( Rapalla )

Fish took the lure did jump one or two time and then did start a " Botom fight ...7 hours some jumps and almost 20 miles down river.. Fish did play a lot of tricks, going to shore, under flaoting island , we avoid logs...A lot of tension on line but also for everybody in the boat... Doug Hearn a very very experience and strong fishermen from Atlanta did alone stand all of that...With the boat we try all possible technics in order to have the fish going up river no way...Several time we had it to the boat , ( First time after 3 hours ) leader touching the tip of the rod but impossible to use our short Gaff...or we would have badly damaged the fish ....Impossible also to Grab the leader., too short as in Casting we use a very short 100lb leader , 50 cm long .

With a 10 feet leader we would have had the fish in...for Photo/ Release..

The end of the story? Well night came , we where under full moon fish seem to got tired so may be it was the good time to Pressure him more...so did Doug and twisted and tired line after 7 hours did breack .... We could have wait more and stay all night with this fish we would have had it but unfortunately we were close from the Dangerous "rapids" of Saballo..so we had to take this decision...

The last hour of fight has been in front of the Park rangers from Marena than we meet on the river...

I have a question for readers of this report : can anybody give me informations on tarpon record , specifically the one on 2lb test 106lb , 4lb test 128lb , 6lb test 139lb , ... I really would like to know how these anglers did make that??? really I wonder..

In this 5 days trip we had a lot of small tarpon under 100 lb (Sorry I did not count howmany ) also two 150lb+ , the 7 hours one mentioned before and an even bigger one ( 200+ ) caught on trolling by Gail , one hour on line and gone... ( We still wonder why as sudently fish has been off lure , Hook not open ... ) .also several gars two nice one around 40lb and the usual Machacas, also one nice snook on line


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