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Fishing Report #21  November 2001

We are getting more and more busy in our Rivers of South Nicaragua and northern Costa Rica.

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We have many reservation for the first months of 2002. Guest from last year, also some of their friends, and new people who wish to experiment our "World Clas Fishing Adventures in Unique Jungle Scenery…"

We organized 4 fishing expedition in November , fishing has been on our grounds of San Juan River in Nicaragua., Solentiname Archipelago on Nicaragua Lake, and Down San Juan River to El Castillo, also a few fishing in Rio Frio and Cano Negro in Costa Rica

So several trips in the last weeks…

We fish Four days with Robert and Georges From Usa

Then 9 days with Gerard and Pascal from France then another 9 days with Emile and Louis also from France

I am coming back to day from a 6 day trip with Georges and Jean from USA

At the beginning of Month of November Huricane Michelle pass in the Caribean affecting Honduras and also the northern part of Nicaragua…

We are fishing the San Juan River witch is located far in the southern part of Nicaragua I never could imagine than this Huricane could affect so much our Fishing… last year in November fishing has been great,,, but it’s a fact than this year Hurricane did change the weather, so behaviour of fish

In our trip with Robert and Georges 5 to 8 of November we had less tarpon hits than usual and a bad fishing ( for 2 days ) concerning Rainbow bass in the archipelago of Solentiname. When we arrived there we notice than the water of the lake was Colour White and the wind coming from opposite direction as usual . according to local advise "This is totally unusual but may happen once a year." It was due to the Huricane . we even notice than the local FISHERMEN WHERE NOT FISHING. Well we try and definitely fishing has been poor, only a few fish, Wapote and no Rainbow…Meanwhile in that trip we had some Tarpon hits in San Juan River …a 150lb to the boat

In the Folowing trip with Gerard and Pascal

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(  6 days Fishing ) the situation return to normal for Rainbow bass, wapote Mojarra meaning we did catch many of these fish around Solentiname… but concerning Tarpon it did remain poor , only a few of them..100 to 150lb… we have been very far from our usual 10 to 20 hit per day…I also report the catch of several good size snook ( normal at this time of the year ) among them a very nice 30lb+ and a lost of another one even bigger…, we also had some Gar ,

Folowing trip with Emile and Louis ( 6 days Fishing ) we had almost the same situation , few tarpon but also very good fishing in Solentiname for Rainbow bass , also good fishing for gars and only a few Tarpon hits in Rio Frio in Costa Rica…

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So globally for us an unusual situation Tarpon were around but not so many and they definitely where not feeding…

In our last trip with Georges and Jean  December 1 till 6 The situation change totally and went back to normal meaning a lot of Tarpon hits, several to the boat, Georges wanted to catch Tarpon but also different fish so we stop fishing for Tarpon , went to Solentiname where we had Many Rainbow bass , Wapote, Mojara…etc..

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But what did Happen to our fishing?? Possible Explanation

Concerning Rainbow bass in Solentiname ( Only 2 days with no Rainbow bass ) no doubt reason has been the passing of the Huricane, witch bring in Strange Winds…once the wind did turn again the situation came back to normal and we had very good fishing

.But for Tarpon? For three weeks Weather was strange , no sun a lot of Cloud but almost no rain This may have been the reason,. Also in my inquiries with Local people , and well known professional Tarpon Fishermen in Central America all of them told me than " it might have been the breeding time…and when this time come Fish do not feed for around three weeks the only attack will come from bad tempered tarpon than our lures do disturb…" So far I sincerely do not know what happened but will go on with my investigation. If any readers Know about the breeding time of Tarpon please let me know…

Anyway we have been far from our usual 10 to 20 Tarpon hits per day…

Fortunately everything went back to normal in our last trip…With the new moon weather did change again now we have sun , a few rain then sun , the habitual weather we like… so I have no doubts than everything is going to be normal for the weeks coming…



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