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Fishing report # 23, 17 th of January 2002


From the 14th till the 17th of January we went fishing in Nicaragua with Andrea and Andy...two very nice persons...Andrea is not specifically interested in Fishing...Andy is a very good angler who enjoy so much being on the water...They got maried on the 31th of December 2001 this trip with us was a part of their Honeymoon trip in Central America.

We met at their hotel in San Jose and we went directly to Los chiles, passing close to an again cloudy Arenal ...We met Augusto and Julia Brava our boat in Los Chiles and imidiately went on Rio Frio to enter Nicaragua...We past the border made the imigration paper work and fishing did start in the evening...This trip has been a mixt of Discovery, Fishing, Ecotourism , so we went down to El Castillo...Andrea and Andy did really enjoy the fortress, the Hotel El hospedage and the so special atmosphere of the clean little town...Fishing in Castillo is aparently marvellous as there you can see a lot of Tarpon rolling close to the rapids......but it is another story to hook them...I had this problem in several of my other trips...So for a better fishing we went back to the near San Carlos area who remain my favourite place...Fishing has been so/so even there as I report 10 tarpon hits , two on line one for 45 mn, the other one 30 mn ( fish over 150lb ) both lost on line breack...Andy did also caught two Machaca, and one a poor fishing for us...

Andy and Andrea did decided to go back to USA via Managua so on last day we left San carlos with a 50 mn beautiful fly of the local company LA COSTENA over the Nicaragua Lake, Solentiname, Omotepe volcanoes, Las isletas...Really a nice fly.. They left for USA via Managua...

I made the trip with them as I had to meet a group of ten Anglers coming from Texas on Folowing day in Managua...Their trip with us will be the subject of my fishing report # 25.

Philippe Tisseaux

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