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Newsletter october 2002 Fishing report # 37  

Fishing Upper Rio San Juan  Nicaragua 

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Long time since I wrote a fishing report..Was probably a bit tired of writing the same thing , than we catch Tarpon and Snook and Gar and tarpon and gar and snook..... well during all these months as usual we had good fishing  and happy guests in the Upper San Juan River , no problem ....I will only talk to day of a very special    Fishing Party  organised by my fishing guides on the 18th of October ... I said on that Morning " What would be great is than  I catch a tarpon to day on my new rod..It's my bithday would really  be a nice Birthday present..." 

Well every body took my words very seriously...and no way to escape even if I had other comitment on that Morning...I had to go  fishing with Augusto, Eliesse and Abraham..three of my guides aboard Julia Brava 1 ... we fished  for  4 and a half  hours close to San Carlos... we caught .Two Tarpon around 100lb release to the boat  and also 5 Snook:  37lb , 27lb, 19lb, 12lb 10lb , plus 2 Gars around 20lb each...I really could not ask for more on the ocasion of my Birthday.. Thank Amigos.....

Fishing is expect to remain as good in the coming months..Obvious there will be some better days than other but anyway we will catch Many Tarpon and Snook during all of our trips... This is why I like to organise fishing Adventures there because I can offer a fair deal ...

What I still wonder is why in October, November and Begining of December I have so few guests coming , every year it's the same...Pity because   Fishing is so good...seams than every body   wish to come in December  January, February, March...I know it's a tradition for fishing trip in Central America as these months are very good for fishing...but sincerely I think people should also consider the period from Midle of May till November ..as in my spots I have very good fishing also in these months...

We bought a land on the shore of Nicaragua Lake  for Building of our  Guests House

The goal of this trip  around the 18th of October was not fishing...

We went to Nicaragua to finalise the buying of our land for the future Jungle River Big Game Fishing  Guest House... Well it's done we have registered Clear Title on a 30 acres property located in front San Carlos ... 

One side of the property is Nicaragua Great Lake, , other side San Juan River, other Side Rio Frio River .... a unique location with fantastic views on Solentiname Archipelago famous Sunset,  also Omotepe Volcanoes,   even on somedays on Costa Rica Arenal Volcano...

I will start to build next year, meanwhile we will go on using local accomodations in Solentiname at Ernesto Cardenal Community Place, In San Carlos Cabinas Leykos, At El Castillo The famous Hospedage, and a new and very nice  place in Saballo , in front of one of our favorite spot....We can fish for Tarpon from deck...

Snook and Tarpons

All pictures in this page  shot on  morning of the 18th of October 

Please Click on picture for full size view... 


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Augusto's favorite ... 

release of Tarpon...

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Abraham is super happy 

 with  this tarpon

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Augusto does not look 

so happy.. 

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A  new Fast boat on Nicaragua Lake

A new itinerary to come fishing with us... 

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Since a month  there is a  very fast boat crossing everyday the Nicaragua Great Lake from Granada..to San Carlos .  Boat is big,fast,  very confortable... 

This  is for us  a very nice improvement of our trips...I sugest now to guests to arive  in Managua International Airport , The van of Hotel Colonial will wait for them there  then Transfert to Granada, via a Volcano and Massaia Artisanal Market, Nice Dinner and Fun at Night in so beautiful Granada , Night at Hotel Colonial ( the nicest of the city ), Morning  breakfast then boat to San Carlos , Boat is going from pier in Granada , cruising the entire lake  passing close to Omotepe Volcanoes and Solentiname...A very nice trip...To go back return to Granada with La Costena to conect your International flight , or return via San Jose Costa Rica , Entering Costa Rica via Rio Frio , then Van transfert,,, via Arenal, the mountains of Sarcero , Coffe , Sugar cane, oranges plantation....





Hotel Colonial


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Many world record for snook are in Costa Rica where from a General point of view fish are bigger for example  than in Florida... Reason of so many world record  is than in Costa rica  we have big snook but also than  since long our country is a very apreciate destination for many anglers in the World as Costa Rica is famous for its respect for peace and Democracy  Tico hospitality is well known... The more angler the more possibility of World record in a first period.....

For long IGFA was only considering Snook in General.. but since a few months there is Two Classification , the Pacific and the Atlantic Snook , this is very interesting and do open posibility of World Record...

In Costa Rica Fishing remain good and can bring major surprise for the pacific snook .( There are still unfish spots...) .I have been told of snook caught by local people whose weight was around 80lb...I have Knowledge of  special diving spot where  snooks of more than 60lb.are present .. I will someday organise a special expedition there on the pacific coast.. 

( please be in touch with me  if interested )

This is for the Pacific snook.

 Concerning the Caribean ( Atlantic snook)  the situation is not the same...In my opinion quality of  fishing in usual spots has been decreasing a lot  especifically on the Caribean Cost  of Costa Rica , ( Overnetting, Nets in the river even if totally forbiden .. are some  of the problems... )  a pity but  present World  records are going to be very tuff to beat here ...it is time to look at new destination in  neighbourg central America Countries as Caribean I specifically think of the Coast of Panama, Nicaragua, and Honduras...I do not know Honduras, but knows Panama and NIcaragua and confirm than  nowdays they are peacefull countries  where ANGLERS from any part in the World are Welcome.

I figure than in the coming years some  new Snook  World record will come  from these two countries...



In Costa Rica and Nicaragua  if we totalise   the Species of the Caribean and the Pacific cost..we have 7 Diferent type of snook .A friend promist me the complete Descriptive listing I will publish it in a next issue of this newletter...

A trick to identify Common Snook 

Most of the snook we catch in Upper Rio San Juan are Atlantic Common snook  , these ones are easy to identify , By the size as they are the big snook ...and also in doubt by simply counting the first small ray on the above Fin , Common snook has only a sharp strong small one, other snook does have two

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