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 Fishing report #4 15th of November 2000

 This fishing trip has been organized on the 8,9,10,11,12 of November

DAY1 From Los Chiles Fishing did start in the late evening in Rio Frio river in Costa Rica. Aboard our boat ''Julia Brava'' : Andrew from Philadelphia, Mark from Baltimore our guests and Augusto our guide…2 hours fishing , one tarpon, 2 gars, no snook

DAY2 fishing in Rio Frio Caño Negro 6 tarpons jumped one very big hit by Mark who promised me to write the story of this tarpon flying in the trees..., 2 on trolling , 4 on Casting

DAY3 I joined the team to enter fishing in Nicaragua…

After the usual paper work: Imigration, Fishing permit etc etc we did start fishing at 1 pm …During this afternoon We had 6 tarpons on lines , did weighed one than I could not release as the fight ,1 hour 50 mn, last around 7pm something ...anyway at night…even with the full moon it would have been to risky eventually dangerous to release.. so unfortunately we did have to bring it at San Carlos and gave it to local people... , fish was 110lb , caught by Mark on trolling rod with 30lb line, leader: 100 lb , Lure Rapalla

DAY4 in total we had more than 25 hits this day honestly we don't remember several incredibly close from the boat ... Tarpons where usual size except one with was hudge easy 200 lb+ . AT THE END OF THE DAY WE DID NOTICE FROM FAR A MAJOR ACTIVITY ON THE RIVER , precisely in a part where Rio San Juan is very wide I would say at least 500 meters and where we know than exist some sand banks on the bottom… Anyway all this did look very much like what happen sometime at sea , meaning fishing hunting and white birds feeding above , very similar except than the bird where not Gaviottas or fregata but Garza… anyway we did start casting there and these fish feeding were tarpons I will say from everysize. How many ? ?? a thousand ? . we had hits and hits and jumps and jumps..2 , 3 tarpon at the same time on line… no matter the colour of the minnow lures…we where using Minow lures the one for casting with 3 triples hooks so fortunately all these fish were ''releasing themselves'' after 10 seconds or 2 minutes..but what a fun..I never did experience such a thing in Fresh water..

DAY 5 , we have been looking for a very big one but only have few small around 80lb ( I WAS FORGETTING a very big one again did escape on first run , in front of Medio Quesso ) , we did try to change tactic and did use live baits as local people do , exept that I made it swimming with a float at about 3 feet from surface then with almost free brake on the reel we did anchor the boat at the Boca of Medio Quesso to Rio San Juan and after around 30 minutes Mark saw the floating slowly go away...when on tension I made an heavy strike I do not think it was a tarpon, as no shake no jump but an incredibly strong and straight pressure on the line after I did set up the hook ( line 100lb leader but 20lb test line…) I had too much brake and line did breack above the union knot. ( even if brake was set as I use for Big tarpon and I almost never cut the line ...).. What was it ? might have been a Gar? ( we had one almost 5 feet long on our preceding trip ) Local people do report very very big here…Also big sharks but hit would have been different…At the end of the day we had a small 80lb tarpon on light tackles ( I only left one big triple hook on the minnow lure ) than Andrew did bring to the boat after 1 hour 20 mn , Hooked on Casting, 20lb line 80lb leader, Mirrow lure…


1) Again we did not catch any snook and do wonder because there are present and sold early morning in town by local fishermem

 2) There is aparently no reason but tarpon seem to be much more stronger in Rio San Juan than in Caño Negro ?...Where normally I fight them a maximum of 50 mn ..in Nicaragua much longer ..Paul from Clearwater Florida who is a very experience fisherman was in my preceeding trip he had to fight a tarpon for 2 hours 20 minutes Mark and Andrew also good anglers did experience the same that time..... We really all had fun during these days in Nicaragua even if sometime we where very very tired..even if accomodation are not ''Florida style there'' it's very simple but Ok for fishermen.. Local food is interesting especially the Bao and the river schrimps ( 1 lb each ), people in Nicaragua are more and more friendly with us , a special note for all the nice people in Hotel San Carlos witch now became our headquarter...The only problem are the '' shayul'' ( small mosquitos who do not bite ), but they are so many,,,at night every where in town and on the rivers,, we definitely have to stop fishing before night...

Concerning the cost , the accomodation and Hotel prices are very low and in the last two trips I did offer to my guests a new free formula: They hire the boat as a charter boat from Los Chiles and pay hotel , Meals for them and Captain Augusto.while in Nicaragua... This system is simple, clear and better for every body , and the global cost of this real fishing adventure is really very raisonnable.

This report is from Philippe Tisseaux


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