Newsletter and Fishing reports November 2002


1) Fishing reports # 39      Fishing Rio Frio and Cano Negro Costa Rica

2) Fishing reports # 40     Fishing in Nicaragua Rio San Juan

3) The land where we plan to built our Guests House , Investors eventually wanted..

4) Braided line, I like them , I ate them....

 Trip #40

A San Juan Gran Slam for 
Don and Bernie
Gar 40lb , Snook 20lb , Tarpon 90lb  cautch 
on the Evening of the 5th of December


2) Report # 40   Fishing in Nicaragua, Rio San Juan

Second trip with us this year for Bernie and Donald from Florida...This time they came in via Managua  ( Nicaragua ) ...  was waiting for them with Etienne Owner of Hotel Colonial in Granada... From Airport  we went directly to Granada, passing close to Active volcano, a few drinks at bar , a short relax in Hotel Colonial then a tour of town in caridge , Granada is a very very beautiful city...Hotel Colonial no doubt a top place...

We decide on folowing day to reach our fishing grounds in Airplane with Costena Airlines..( We also could have cross the lake with The new fast Boat From Roman Line ). we went  to Managua  Airport then reached San Carlos at 10am  after a  55 minutes beautifull flight over Nicaragua Lake, Omotepe Volcanoes, Solentiname Archipelago, Augusto was waiting for us at San Carlos Airport, a taxi, some drinks and food and everyone start...

On this evening   I report  a Local Gran Slam:  one gar of 40lb, a Snook over 20lb ( A good diner, half in Carpaccio , half grille then with my  french sauce.." A la Normande " specifically fun in the Jungle of Nicaragua .) One tarpon 100lb, 3 other tarpons on and lost, and around 10 more hits.. also a snook on we figure udge has he almost put out augusto out of the boat on the hits...very very heavy fish.... whitch release itself on a fast run to the boat... then a turn... Not to bad for an Half day fishing... At night we Cooked the snook and slept at Dona Coco Cabinas in San Carlos..Folowing day  even with this very good fishing in the upper Rio San Juan Bernie decided to go down San Juan River to El Castillo. Fishing has been ok also there ,  I got to day the report for the last two days of Fishing , around 13 tarpon fights , 4 released to the boat  in the rapids close to  El Castillo. 


Report #39  Fishing Rio Frio, Cano Negro Costa Rica

Our California Guests  came in via San Jose for two days fishing  with one relax day before and a relax day at the end  so we  had no time to enter in Nicaragua  , fishing has been in Cano Negro and Rio Frio in Costa Rica  it's a fact than  there are a lot of tarpon in Rio Frio, la Lagartera, Playuelas..( It's the same every year in November and December ) .but they hardly bite ( Even on fly ) there is only a short activity time  very early in the morning, Sun rise and then  late evening /Sunset.. In this trip we had to struggle in order our  guests from California had fish on.. 5 Guests mean 3 boats for us  as we like to fish 2 anglers per boat...

Transfert  between Hotel Heradura and Los Chiles via the mountains of Zarcero, ( Poas and Arenal Volcanoes Coffee , Sugar Cane , Orange plantations )  has been done  in a new van with English speaking Luis as a Driver / Guide...., Lodging and Meals at Confortable Ecodirecta Lodge in Los Chiles  , lunch aboard the boat or on local place on the river banks...  Guests had fish  but my guides had to have a lot of patience..again this is totally diferent in Nicaragua: in the upper rio San Juan  I report an annual average of around 15 tarpon hits per day, 6 jumped  fish , 4 on and 2 release to the boat  this is basically what people can expect if coming to fish Rio San Juan in Nicaragua and the most important bis than it is the same everyday all year days without a tarpon hit...I figure this is almost UNIQUE in the entire world these steady fishing conditions give me the oportunity to really offer a fair deal to serious anglers..In three years of fishing there we only had two bad days...and 96% of Guests had tarpon on  ....On the contrary .if fishing Rio Frio  fishing is  very iregular  a week may be good or may be bad   ( as nowdays inshore on the Caribean coast of  Costa Rica, barra de Colorado, Parismina , or tortuguero...) problem as fishing is impredictable.... Some  say this is what  fishing is all about a guide who try to be responsible I do not acept so easely this point...and to be more honest with my guests I always wish in my expeditions to have the option to go to Nicaragua and fish San Juan River...

Anyway even if we only  had a few  fish ... we had fun , made new time we will go to Nicaragua.. probably coming in via Managua, Granada


What Guest say about this trip:

Hola Philippe:



Tabaccon was wonderful - agua muy caliente !!!  Flora linda - very beautiful flowers.  I am very busy this week back to work and with holiday (Thanksgiving).  I will send you pictures of the trip - I do not know how to email the pictures - the pictures were taken with a regular camera - not a digital one.  If you know how to send regular pictures via internet - please let me know.  My complete email is: ------------  I will give you my comments - the entire trip exceeded expectations - a few improvements needed (Senor Joelle) for example.  I will give you what you need.  Again, thank you - a very nice trip.

My best regards,


Dear Philippe:
Our trip was great - thank you.  You delivered more than expected or advertised.  I have mailed to you all of the pictures I took on the trip - use them as you like.  I tried to scan them to my hard drive and then email them - no luck - came out very poor.  My comments on the trip - you and your staff - outstanding - Augusto, Napolean, Augusto's brother, Luis - all served us very well.  Transportation, meals, hotel, fishing - excellent.  Tabaccon is a must see - thank you for suggesting it. 
- spend a bit of time explaining how hard it is to boat a tarpon and techniques to use to successfully land one; even with those fishermen who think they know it all - which of course were not us!!! 
- the river shrimp are also a must, even if you have to charge extra for the feast.
- try to get everyone a chance to go to the borders - like you did for me to the Nicaragua / Costa Rica border - a real nice thing to do and have a photo memory of.
I received an email from Ben Michel / Florida and gave you rave reviews.  Let me know how he likes his trip to Nicaragua in January - he is planning on going via Managua.
More later - until then - thank you very much and have a very Merry Christmas.
My best regards,


Photos Trip #40




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Gar ( Aligator Gar )

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Meals are not so bad ..( Bernie )

Mvc-032s.jpg (29579 bytes)

At Managua Airport

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Costena Airplane

Mvc-013s.jpg (40101 bytes) Mvc-012s.jpg (27526 bytes)

 Hotel Colonial Granada

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I will consider offers of Eventual Investors  If you have interest please


These pictures are from the land I recently bought in order to built the future San Carlos Sportfishing  Guests House , It will be in the near future as definitely San Carlos need a Nice Hotel... Land has clear title in my name and is registered. It is  a peninsula  located in front of the city of San carlos ( 500 Yards across San Juan River ) , it has 2 small Island , view is on the Nicaragua lake, Solentiname and Omotepe Volcanoes, on other side Costa Rica Cordillera Central with Arenal Volcano, other side is the National Park of Los Guatousso ( Wild life reserve , Jungle Horseback Riding etc...) Total superficy is  20 Acres with three Water front , Nicaragua Lake, San Juan River, Rio Frio , this is definitely a Unique situation  where our Guest House is going to be built


4) Braided line, I like them , I ate them....

I have some doubts like to have your opinion , ear about your Adventures  with these  lines compare to Normal Nylon...

ADVANTAGE?    INCONVENIENT? Aparently US Anglers do not use it much why? as on the contrary most of my European Guest like it...

My opinion  Braided line are much more thinner than Nylon so for Example you can use smaller Reels, They do not twist you can troll with your Spining reel , no need of Squivel..line do not have memory...  I also love the sensibility of braided line, you really are in direct with any reaction of the tarpon....if you are rod in hand the hit is fantastic... some time so violent sometimes so soft..., During the fight Braided line as to be handle carefully as it will not forgive any mistakes.. for Example a to strong strike will imidiately quit the lure out of the mouth of a jumping tarpon  ( We all know than then you have to bend the rod but...) Also i like to mention than these line cut, cut ..this is a very serious problem especifically with jumping 200lb Tarpon.


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