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15/01/ 2003   Newsletter, Fishing Report#42 

San Carlos Sportfishing   News

What is the best time of the year to come? 

and also Some pictures  shot during  these trips

 Concerning  my  Fishing Lodge Project I am thinking of EVENTUALLY have a Partner

 Fishing in Rio San Juan 

Saballo, El Castillo , Santa fe...

  in Nicaragua.

 Un petit mot pour mes amis francais  mon 
nouveau site en Francais  est  en ligne a:  http://www.pecheautarpon.com/
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THIS IS A LONG TEXT ... I hope    you  will have a bit of time for me?  to think fishing, Adventures,  Travel.            Philippe Tisseaux.

  1) Our Fishing in January 2003

2) The New  lodge in Sabalo 

3) Concerning my comunication

4 )  French  tarpon experts at our lodge

5) Custom trip and flexibility in my  Expeditions...

6) Rule#1  Guest  must  get what they expect   

7) Concerning  my booking

1) We are  having a lot of fun fishing with Guests the rapids of Saballo in front of new lodging , there are really many tarpon MAJOR FACT  is than  it is Like that all year round  big snook are also present 25lb and up....

For some Guest ,  Tarpon Fighting  is even becoming a show  as they  tape their friends with Fish on from the Veranda of the lodge ... 

There is not a day without Tarpon and big as usual size is between 90lb and 200lb and some over 200lb...According to several Experienced tarpon angler who came fishing with us this is UNIQUE IN THE WORLD...

 2) The New  lodging in Sabalo  is a major improvement in our service. Since I create San Carlos Sportfishing , QUALITY OF FISHING AS NEVER BEEN A PROBLEM ,  the only  problem has been lodging in the San Juan Area  ( It was Ok as very goodfishing  ..but...) ... 

The new lodge  in Saballo 

    MVC-002Fa.jpg (69351 bytes)  

        a) No far to go to catch: We are fishing Rapids del Toro located in front the Lodge..

        b) The place is nice all down in Precious tropical wood, and confortable Private bathroom,  Good beds.. and No rooster.. ( Many guest and me also are sensitive to rooster... the problem is not in the morning, we start early.... Problem is between 10pm tilll 5 am ...I never could understand these Tropical Rooster in Some area lijke San Carlos they sing all night...really a problem...THANKS GOD WE DO NOT HAVE THEM IN SABALLO )

        c) We are now having everyday after fishing some aperitif in Veranda of new lodge... the ocasion to talk of the tarpon of the day

MVC-004Fa.jpg (75486 bytes)..MVC-012Fa.jpg (87350 bytes)

        D) We take our meal at Clarissa place in the Village of Saballo... all the Guest who experiment the cooking say really Great... very very surprising  as we are  far away in the Jungle..

.MVC-014F1.jpg (52791 bytes)  MVC-006F3.jpg (69665 bytes)

3) Concerning my comunication/Marketing

People talk  ,  and with internet  this is ALMOST my only advertising ( I also have a third of a page in IGFA book ) and  it works ( Thank to all of you )  we are  receiving more and more Guests.

Since December we had the visit of   Don and Bernie from USA , Joe and Jim from USA, Richard from Usa, Patrick and Patrick from France, Gilles and Thierry from France, Charles William from England , John and Peter from USA,  Benoid and Gilles from Canada, all of them had tarpon .

A very international "clientele "and I definitely  like that... Paul Valery  said once     " Enrichissons nous de nos diferences"

 4 )  French  tarpon experts at our lodge  They  fished with us on Beginning of January  they are real  Tarpon expert, (since many years ), they have been fishing several countries in Africa, and also in America in French Guyana.. their verdict is ..they never see such a place with so many tarpon and also so good fishing condition ,,( no  ruff see etc etc ) also never had so good food in a trip..

 5) Other fact about my  Expeditions, Custom and flexibility.... I  like to point  than each of  my  trip are diferent, we Custom for you , I  can organise your trip on 3 days  ( Via Managua it can be a long Week end even coming from USA ...) .4,5,6  or a Week, 10 days...  more.?.. I  can receive  party of 1 till  10 persons.. we receive, Couples, Children also.. ( Always a pleasure  for me , Alex 8 years old My Number2 Boy had his first tarpon recently he did start well  as fish was a 150lb..)  

In a trip with us You can have 13 hours a day of hard tarpon fishing or 5 hours  fishing and the rest in Discovery , Ecotourism, Arts, history, Rain forest..etc the area is also full of that  so I offer  fishing but also much more...

You can come in via Managua  or San Jose , then stay or not in Romantic Granada, Go to the Volcanoes, At World famous Natural hot water Spa...  then have a few days to the beach before or after the trip , Have some sea Fishing... etc etc..


6) Rule#1  guest  must  get what they expect 

This is and will remain my Goal  but a good comunication is definitely  necessary before the trip  so:  

I am going to keep the same system concerning infos on my tour...

1)  if anyone is interested  I will first send  the basic infos , the F.A.Q and sugest a look at my site...

2) Then I will forward   E mail adress of some recent Guests..so they can talk to each other directly .. ( As owner of the operation I am not neutral...Guest are..)  concerning me my operation...Quality of Service and Fishing... I Think this is 100% fair  for every body...

3) I will answer all practical questions on organisation...it is easy , fast and free nowday with E mail...

7) Concerning booking I am full till the end of January in February till the 17th ... I have many contact but still  some opening from the 17th of February till the end of March, so if you are interested to come in this period please  be in touch quickly....

In the folowing months April, May, June, July, August  it is easier...

The reason of so many guests at this time of the year ( January/February/March ) is not than fishing is better ... it is only because it is the traditional time for winter vacations for our friends from USA... The period is so Popular than I am already taking now reservation for next year December, January February, March..

The months of April, May   are also  good  months but we have to fish diferently as level of water is low...  We fish another area closer from San Carlos and we catch... also this is a fun time for Rainboiw in Solentiname..  

From June the level grow  and we are back in our usual fishing,  till next April


San Carlos Sportfishing on line:

English sites :  http://www.nicaraguafishing.com/ 

  E mail 





Almost all the persons contacting me ask  what is the best time of the year to come?

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 I understand perfectly and respect this legitimate   preocupation but as I said many time before I am very lucky and feel very confortable offering a fair deal  all year round...  One more time: in my San Juan , we do catch big Tarpon all year round  , 

NO DOUBT  we are competitive with any traditional tarpon destination in the world at any time in the year... For Example I am certain than in May , June , July we catch at least as many tarpon here than  they do  in these months in Florida when it is the peack season..

You can come any month, you wil catch tarpon with us. What I sugest is than you have a look at the fishing reports on my website,  I did organised them  by month on three years , so reading them you can have an idea of what will happen around the date you choosed.. Direct Link ( Click ) 

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Julia Brava, 22 feet , 85hp Yamaha

Mvc-003f3.jpg (78657 bytes)

Down in the rapids a place a bit to wild to stay..

Mvc-004f.jpg (83534 bytes)

A part of our fleet at lodge deck

MVC-005F1.jpg (77223 bytes)

Julia Brava 1 ,27 feet 115 hp Yamaha

MVC-009Fa.jpg (76248 bytes)

With a little help from my friend

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Mvc-013f.jpg (72996 bytes)

Mvc-014f.jpg (57891 bytes)

Mvc-015f.jpg (79308 bytes)

Mvc-016f.jpg (62445 bytes)

French Tarpon Experts group...





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Mvc-013f.jpg (74660 bytes)

Fish on in front of Lodge

Mvc-010f.jpg (63607 bytes)

On deck some fishing tackles

Mvc-015f.jpg (82140 bytes)


At Castillo

Mvc-016f.jpg (99030 bytes)

Mvc-017f.jpg (56762 bytes)

In order to go faster  in my building project   for this Lodge..I am considering a Patnership... 


 If any one  ( Tarpon angler..)  is  interested please be in touch...  Actual project is on 300 square meter built.. If a partner come in  we  will make the place bigger, it will be a sport  Fishing base but also all Ecotourisme activities.. so other Tours can be organised...( a lot of them)


At the end of last year I bought a land in Front San Carlos, 20 Acres of Lake front... a fantastic view... This will be the place where  I am going to built my  Fishing Guest House,  Confortable and with prime  location... tarpon Fishing at the entrance of Lake,  Rainbow bass fishing in close SOLENTINAME...


  I  already bought the wood for foundations and floor last week, building will start at the end of February... the place will become our Headquarter it is very central  with Airport close and Fast boats coming from Granada and Costa Rica... ,

 My  boats will be based  there... we will fish Upper San Juan, and Solentiname... then will use the other  actual lodge when we want to fish Rapids del Toro..located far down river...WIn all trip we wil decide with Guest where to stay..

May be our water / Tarpon are a bit tuff for sophisticated Rapalla ?

Mvc-010f.jpg (58950 bytes)

 I like to receive comments on that please E mail me at: Sanjuan@racsa.co.cr 

This is what happen when a Super Shad Rap meet one of our  Tarpon... Question to Rapala company : are your lures " Single Use"

Fish on

MVC-028Faa.jpg (55724 bytes)

Early morning in front lodge, fishing start  with sunrise...

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I keep my new web site Update , there is a lot of Infos there ( 70 Pages... concerning  fishing, the area, also the preceding reports... )

 I sugest to Bookmark it