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02 /02/ 2003   Newsletter, Fishing Report#413 

 Fishing in Rio San Juan in Nicaragua. 

Some pictures  shot during  this trip...

 What Guests says  concerning this trip:  

Many Tarpon , most of them between 100lb 

and 170lb, some around 200lb and 

a monster we figure 250lb...

Report from Philippe Tisseaux

Several trips with Guests from last year and also  new Guests Guests  Lindy, Fred, Mike , Paul, Mike, Georges, ....all coming from USA


Like this picture, Mike with Big tarpon on light tackle and our lodge in the back....

 I sugest  anyone interested in Tarpon Fishing to have a look  at our new Tarpon Picture Galery ( Click)


Fair weather sunny sometime hot with eventual short rain..some days with strong wind, several cold front during the months witch interfered on fishing.. We have been very busy fishing our jungle San Juan River during all this month of January , with groups coming from France, Usa, canada... Fishing has perhaps been a bit slowler than last year ( Cold Front ?) ... fish have been super present ( a lot of them but a bit lasy ) they have been bitting in the morning or the evening , not both as usual ..For Example we had 4 or 5 tarpon on between 5.30 am and 9 am ..then only 2 or 3 tarpon on during the rest of the day.... anyway I report than all guest have been pleased with many tarpon on line, and good size fish 80lb/250lb, Several Guests also had nice snook over 25lb Most of Fishing has been in front of our new confortable lodge in Saballo.there we almost .." catch tarpon from deck" .

I like to specifically mention a tarpon we estimate around 250lb tarpon on for guest Lindy , a fishing guide from Florida... This tarpon was almost Black on the back and Golden on the belly, it belong to the category of our "resident tarpon" , these in my opinion do not migrate they stay there for at least several year in the fresh water of San Juan River or Nicaragua lake, reason of their colour... ( About Lindy the fishing guide from Florida , he is really a very nice person , and no doubt a great Guide, we exchange ideas and also learned from him...It’s boats are based in NAPLES FLORIDA If any one is interested to know him his web site is at http://www.highhopescharters.com/


Tarpon and snook Fishing is going to be almost the same in coming weeks and months on our grounds of Santa fe, El Pitasso, Saballo all in San Juan River .....meaning Guest will have many tarpon on...

Talking about season .We are actually ( Till May ) in the so called DRY SEASON , time of the year when we are very busy as it is the traditional winter time vacation for our friends from USA..Talking weather we have Sun, and sometime strong wind ( Good we are fishing in quiet rivers ...) This does not mean than we do not have rain... Few it’s a fact but still a bit and we apreciate it, we want it... as during this rain Snook bite , after the rain tarpon bite......

CONCERNING THE RAINY SEASON ( May to November ) I like to say than , even if we are in a tropical area , here this is not the "deluge", we have rain and sun and Rain and sun... ( Guests need to bring sun screen and also rain gears...) seriously this is very good for fishing... also traditionally this is a time of the year when we have less guest...pity because it is also a time of the year when we probably have perhaps an even better fishing as the level of the river is growing...( at this time of the year we have our resident tarpon plus more migrating ones than usually these fish going down or up river??!! )

My operation is small I only can receive a maximum of 8/10 guests at a time , Usually each week I have 2 to 6 Guests " Who know well each other before the trip" in my expeditions... I take the oportunity of this E MAIL to advise than I have some opening on my schedule : If February is full I am able to receive Guests in March and obviously folowing months...witch are also very good with a special mention for June, July, August, September ( Low season for us concerning number of Guest not for fishing it is also very good then, may be even better )

San Carlos Sportfishing on line:

English sites : http://www.nicaraguafishing.com/

French site : http://www.pecheautarpon.com/

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Philippe Tisseaux  


May be our  Tarpon

are a bit tuff

 for sophisticated Rapalla ? 

Mvc-010f.jpg (58950 bytes)

Niko4.jpg (18664 bytes)

This is what happen when  a super shad Rap meet one of our  Tarpon...

Very serious  Question to Rapala company : are your lures  advertise as Tarpon Lures " Single Use"

 ..South corner of Lodge facing Small Village

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Hello Philippe,
I want to thank you for a really fantastic trip. You run  a very good
operation. Everything was perfect.  The only thing bigger than the tarpon
are the hearts of the Costa Rican and Nicaraguan People. It was the trip of
a lifetime. Thank you so much.

I will highly recommend Nicaraguafishing.com and your services to all my
clients and contacts. I look forward to fishing with you again in the very
near future.

Capt. Lindy Yow


       What can I say, the trip could not be any better, the Fish are just like you talk about only bigger a person cannot imagine how excited one person can get, until they experience a 225 lb+ Tarpon towing them up the San Juan River!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
       You have a very special relationship with the Nicaraguan people that you should be very proud of.........This takes time and great understanding.......
       As you could probably tell I fell in Love with all the people and lodge It was the first time in many years I felt "truly relaxed."
       If any one is concerned about safety make sure to tell them the most unsafe spot in the whole trip was the MIAMI AIRPORT,

I will be in touch and pass the word on your business, I am always open to looking at future plans possibly.........

Thank You so Much
           Mike Birdseye