Guests: Paul, Yves .   4th of January 2001

San Carlos Sportfishing Fishing report #5 
This message to wish all the readers of the board a happy new year
All of us are "fishing aficionados" so I wish all of you to catch this year this big big fish you are dreaming off since so long…
Far away in our quiet jungle rivers we did very well ended the year fishing from the 26th to the 31 of January in our favorite territory in Nicaragua: Nicaragua lake and Rio San Juan…
We did have more than 50 tarpons hits had 15 to the boat did release 14 , gave one to local people as it was badly hurt…Size of fish has been between 80 to 200lb , no very big one that time…may be on next trip we will catch a ??? lb here they are…We also had our first good size snook in Nicaragua .. ( The week before we had several big snook but in Costa Rica precisely in Rio Frio, our record still remain a 40 lb caught by Augusto ).
Paul our friend from Florida was again with us and again had a lot of tarpon , I guess the most memorable one is the one he did catch at 5.30 pm and that he had to fish at night , problem has been that this fish was very very strong.. in the first 2 minutes fish did took him 300 meter of lines, 25lb anyway he did handle so well the situation with Augusto driving the Julia Brava than they had the fish to the boat , did touch the leader and…a major jump and . fish gone but we did keep our Rapala.. so
It takes now between 15 to 30 minutes to Paul to bring the fish to the boat he will be back in April and with him we want to try to fish on 12lb may be on 8lb …( We usually fish on 20lb or 30lb ) 
I showed Augusto the world record listing of IGFA he cannot believe some people did catch tarpon of more than a 100lb on 4lb lines.. Yes probably at sea I guess in very special conditions probably with a long long fight but yes they made it… 
Also aboard in this trip a french photographer Yves Van verbecke who did shot more than 400 photos…jumps, action, release. Scenery etc this morning I had a glanse to the pictures , he really did made a very good job I guess some of these pictures will be published in magazine.. , Also even if he is really a very novice fisherman ( He admit than before he only had small bass 1lb ( perche ) when he was much much younger in France…) he did have his tarpon to the boat so we had the pleasure to cut his T shirt , ( a big hole in the back ) and we all did sign it as it is the tradition for the first tarpon caught aboard Julia Brava
Concerning the photos I wonder what I will do , I cannot add 200 photos on my internet page in my fishing album…. it would take half an hour to open….I guess I am going to change all the one I had witch are bad/flat for the new ones witch are really much better…but this will not be done before a month as I am really bad with all the internet stuff…
Important During this trip we also did discover a much better hotel to stay in Nicaragua .
I remind all of you than you are welcome to fish with us, (Augusto and I will be happy to make a big hole in your T shirt…) I charge reasonable rates, I receive my guest at international airport In San Jose Costa Rica , from there we go with my car to Los Chiles and enter Nicaragua by the Rio Frio River aboard my boat… Trip is safe , accommodation and food are ok no much more to say about fishing except than it is like that all year round, and that I have to find a deal with Rapala , their lures are the best but very very fragile for tarpon…
Concerning equipments we offer the best for trolling, casting, spinning 18 rods 150 lures. For fly fishing my equipments are for smaller fish than tarpon so I do ask my guests to bring their own tackles…strong please.

Happy new year 

Philippe Tisseaux

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