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Report #6 15th of January 2001

On the 13 and 14th of January we have been fishing again in Nicaragua.

Aboard Niko From Holland , Claude from Paris , and Etienne owner of Hotel Colonial in Granada Nicaragua / hotel Jardin of eden in Costa Rica .

We really only did fish 8/10  hours in total , as on the request of guests we had to spend many many hours at restaurants enjoying  specifically   the local river schrimps (1 lb each!! a lobster ).., This party was also very interested in ecology ..

Anyway , I report 15 tarpon hits , 10 hook up with several jumps.., 3 tarpons released to
the boat, it should have been 6 or 7 …( Do you agree Etienne ? ) .Size of fish 80lb to 150lb +...

Claude ( from Normandy in France ) on his 60 birthday on Saturday had his first tarpon..110 lb 1 hour fight ."Feliz Cumpleano Claude "…., Niko had his first two tarpons 100lb and 150lb. ( 1 hour 20mn ) .

We had a lot of fun  with  Niko, Claude, Etienne  after a while they even did ask me for smaller fish...??? I said but I thought you were here for big tarpons..? Yes Philippe but you know ….Ok I will try smaller fish and then… another tarpon...Who takes the rod? .No one get up? .. etc..etc...

This trip has been different as the guest did come directly from Granada ( Hotel Colonial ) .

They did reach San Carlos on Saturday mid day after a quick fly with Costena ( 45 minutes over the Nicaragua Lake, islands/volcano of Omotepe and Solentiname…)

This is a fast way to reach our fishing spots…much faster than the Usual trip by road from San Jose Costa Rica.

I sugest this other option to my guest coming from USA , or Europe: fly in via Managua, The guide and Bus from Hotel Colonial will be waiting for guests at Managua international airport… then Spend the night in so beautiful Granada, I do recomand to stay at very very nice Hotel COLONIAL… then following morning fly to San Carlos with Costena…to start fishing around 10 am…

Philippe Tisseaux

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