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Fishing reports:#7   21th till 24th of January 2001

A two country trip this time ( Costa Rica and Nicaragua ) and with four guests so we had to use two boats….A little more difficult to organize .. I want to be attentive to guests need…so I had to go from one boat to the other… but with Augusto as a chief guide , Juan, Chepe, Abraham and Walter to help No problem. A lot of people but this is necessary in our expeditions…, 2 eventually 3 anglers per boat "who know well each other before the trip", then 2 persons to: handle the fishing, drive the boat, release the fish…., In most of my trips we all join for dinner and sometime we go to sleep very late…a rule is than the boat has to be perfectly ready and clean at 6 am, so Augusto had to get up at 4 am and fish till 6pm and then late diner again…really to much, Even if he never complain I now have someone to help him….

Aboard in this trip David and Sam from California, Jay from Florida, and Jeff Klassen from Washington. ( Jeff own several IGFA world record his professional opinion on our fishing and spots was very important for us ) I guess I did not disappointed him…Would be obnoxious to make more comments but wish all readers interested to ask him directly Jeff is well known in our "fishing world…" he has very interesting Internet pages located at:

First day we have been fishing in COSTA RICA , in Rio Frio and Cano Negro…We had several tarpon hits on casting but none hook correctly… . On this day I wanted to show Jeff the beauty of our Jungle rivers and we where also after Gar…omnipresent every where but not to the boat we were casting my traditional Rattle trap usually very efficient but No way? We even did try some strange special lures… No doubt would have been much better to use bait on the bottom ( Small sardines, or part of dead fish , Gars are not difficult..) ) as local people do very successfully; Anyway we had some small Wapote , and a nice snook 22 lb . After a big dinner with: "the snook" and river scrimps…at Restaurant El Parque of our friend Don Esteban. Night has been at Ecodirecta

Second day we did enter Nicaragua aboard Julia Brava, Luggage and fishing equipment ( a lot ) in my other small boat. In San Carlos our second ‘’ Fishing boat " was waiting and ready for us….( We had to hire it there…) very "rustic boat" Far from being so nice than Julia Brava but it did make the job… I will have a second sportfishing boat in service in San Carlos in the months coming and it will be a 28 feet ,( in order to be able to fish our usual grounds but also to go for the Rainbow bass of Solentiname and the San Miguelito area for Tarpon Snook…whatever the waves of the Lake…).

As usual we had several tarpon on this day, I did explain to Jay my "Personal technique" on a tarpon hit on trolling…(I do the same on casting when fish run ) I set the drag very light , the fish take and go ( anyway how could it be stopped!! ) then I take the rods and while fish is still running and feeling it I put progressively more and more pressure with the drag or better in my point of view with the thumb because I feel it better and to much pressure will eventually make it jump and I do not want that on this moment… ( sorry sorry Jay…). If fish is running with the lure it means than it is already partially hooked Putting more pressure you set up the hook more and when first jump come fish is already well hooked…NO NEED FOR A BIG STRIKE….This work perfectly in my opinion ( Again sorry for your thumb Jay ..) At night we had again a River Scrimps dinner at Kaoma.

Day 3 Fishing did start early , We had tarpon early morning and then nothing for many hours , I figure than the reason has been than the weather did get cooler? Well we tried and tried and no hits… I did feel than Guests where starting to wonder and was a little bit uncomfortable..( Even if I knew than this was momentary…This did happen in the past .. but we never know…) Then weather/Water did change ( a very very little difference…) and again we started to have many tarpons…size 90lb to 180lb no very big one that time…Also some gar ., Machaca , and a very nice snook 30lb + Dinner has been to MIRADOR.

Day4 We only did fish in the morning and had Tarpon again…At 10am we did enter back Costa Rica , Guest did live Los Chiles at 11am in a van in direction of Samara /Nosara Unfortunately in reason of bad roads, Destroy bridge etc they had a very long ride to reach Guanacaste where they had several days of successful Fishing ( Rooster fish, jacks..) with Jeff …

Again we released many tarpons in this trip, everybody had tarpon to the boat… Also two good size snook 22 and 30lb , Gars and Machaca…

We are now in the dry season so the level of the river is much lower and we have to use our " summer lures " …Color remains the same but no more Down deep runner …In reality this do not affect the efficiency of our fishing…we catch the same ….It will be like this for 3 to 4 months more… Next week we will receive three guests coming from Florida, We will fish the same area in Nicaragua, These person will come Via Managua , a night in Granada at Hotel Colonial then a 40mn fly to San Carlos where fishing will start… In a trip already booked for the 7th to the 14th of March with "Tarpon aficionados" coming from Europe we will fish our usual grounds but will also try to fish Medio Quesso river than I mentioned in one of my preceding report…may be also San Miguelito.

Philippe Tisseaux

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