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Fishing reports #9 : 16th 17th 18th of February 2001

I am afraid to be boring with my fishing reports as basically it is always the same story we catch …

Probably some readers have some doubts about what I am writing I do understand that …So I did built a photo album everybody is welcome to have a look at it ( Address is above )

Still skeptic? I obviously cannot post the E mail address of my guests , but I invite anyone seriously interested in coming fishing with us to contact me then I may decide to communicate some E mail address ( with the usual courtesy and discretion…)


Alan, Jeff and David our three guests for that trip came in Via Nicaragua , Stephan was waiting for them at the airport in Managua at 1 pm , took them in the van of Hotel Colonial to Volcano, and Masaia artisan market they also had a fun ride in Canopy…they spend the night in beautiful hotel Colonial in Granada after a nice dinner at Alhambra..

Following day they took a fly from La costena to San Carlos where we where waiting for them with Augusto at the ( Rustic ) airport…they did land one hour and a half late so we lost time for fishing on this first day .. after a traditional Bao lunch fishing did start at 3 pm and we started to have tarpon hits…

Globally during this trip we have been fishing two days and a half, we had around 50 tarpons hits , around 15 seriously on lines but only 3 to the boat..!!!! .really a few as my average till this trip was three hit/one tarpon release... ( more or less 4 to 5 released tarpon per day ).

Difficult to explain except than we notice than tarpon are bigger since a week ??? really we had a lot of problems.. So many strike so few tarpon , we have to improve something. .and wonder what? If someone has suggestion they are more than welcome…

We fish on 20lb/30lb / 40lb we generally use Rapalla , Leader 80lb…..we were all kidding saying that  these tarpon had some Vitamins... all year long the tarpon we catch here are much heavier to the one caught on the Caribean sea ( same length ) all my guest can confirm that …but now it start to be a serious question. .Augusto, Me and Alan all had our finger burned...The .tarpon we did catch where around 150lb. One bigger ..also I am certain that we had much bigger on line...200lb+ easy…I had two like that myself ( Normally I do not touch the rod but this was a special case…) as I wanted to set the hock correctly but could not…Alan, Jeff and Dave are very experience fishermen…we try and try different techniques So???

Guest did stay at Hotel Cabina Leykos ( correct for fishermen ) We had our lunch aboard dinners at fun and good restaurant Kaoma.. Wapote ( big bass but very good here , nothing compare with the sad Florida Large mouth as said our guests ),..big River scrimp ( I lb each almost a lobster ) well I had no complain …just the contrary and other local specialties……

Even if I had a very " international life " ( I have been living in several countries including some years in Florida ) I do not forget than I am born in France , Frenchmen as a lot of strange behavior… but no doubts put particular attention on meals aboard or at restaurants…

Also in the coming week I am going to have a rancho with hammock built on the river banks for lunch time and relax a bit at midday

I have found a really top place for Tarpon, Snook, Rainbow bass , I have no doubts about that…I am lucky in off not to have to worry about fishing, now I am working on the details in order to make my Expeditions as nice as possible for guest.. for example in that trip I found a new hotel to stay in San Carlos, still far from being the Ritz but better than Leykos ..for the future I already did found the land where I wish to built our lodge… I cannot start to built now but will do all my best to start this year…Something different from the conventional fishing lodge, more like a Club house for my guests/friends all the one who came knows what I mean….

Only serious inconvenient in that trip has been the problems with Costena Airlines , The fly back San Carlos/Granada , took off 4 hours late ( Local explanation is that the Queen of Spain was arriving in Managua so they change all the schedule???? ) We found a solution and Guests went back to Florida on the day it was plan ( later on at night ). Anyway in the future this is to take in consideration...Have many hours between connection , other option is that Costena do offer me special charter fly for my guests ( with absolute respect of schedule ) but this make the cost higher..

Also exist the solution to come via Costa Rica , then road transfer to Los Chiles with my car...I never have problem  such way.. and this is fun as we cross the border aboard my boat…

I do not want to be boring, or abuse of this space and repeat my general comments on my fishing and trip and accommodation I invite all interested readers to have a look at:

Philippe Tisseaux


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