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For Fishing trip on Rio San Juan, Nicaragua Lake, Solentiname, Rio Frio: 

Lures, Lines, knots, reels, rods, flies...

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  We provide all necessary professional equipments...For Trolling, Casting ( Spinning, and Bait Casting ) 40 rods and 500 lures to choose from. Line from 12lb  to 40lb for Tarpon fishing, Lighter for Snook and Rainbow bass, ( we may go down at 8lb..)

If you come fishing with us We will  ask you to bring us some  specific lures hard to  find here . This is  in order to replace the one we  eventually lost , or the ones   destroy by big tarpon during your fishing days ( I will buy from you the remaining at end of trip) 

 You are welcome to bring some of your favorite tackles, Rods, reels and Lures... ....we will be glad to try them here... .and also.. I know it's not the same to fish with Personal equipment and Guide's ones ... 

   Lures for Tarpon Fishing 

( Some of our favorite most of them    )


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                 Rapala Floating Magnum               Rapala shad rap

For Tarpon or Giant snook fishing in the water of San Juan River in Nicaragua and Costa Rica  I have a preference for Rapala Lures  specifically for the super Shad rap and the Floating magnum in size 11 and 14 . Almost any rapala  colors may be  good according to condition of the day

Some  other lures can be efficient Mirow lures.. Bombers , Rebels etc etc...  but our first choice go to Rapala 

Some useful infos on Tarpon fishing in our area  , and concerning  some other efficient lures for tarpon fishing  can be found on site of Mr Isaiac hernandez ( site in Spanish )  at: http://www.elanzuelo.com/la_pesca/la_pesca_del_sabalo.htm 

Lures for Tarpon suffer a lot in a fishing day


Lures for Rainbow bass, Mojara , Machaca ..

in Solentiname Archipelago Nicaragua Great Lake

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Again some Rapala lures ,  also Big O are specifically  efficient.


Fishing lines and Knots

We use Traditional nylon Monofilament, and also braided lines, depend of preference of guest .. 8lb to 30 lb according to fishing.. ( I personally use more and more  braided line...( to be handle with care as may be dangerous... It cuts )   

For Tarpon fishing we use on trolling 10 feet of leader 100lb, on Casting , Spinning or Bait casting 2/3 feet of 100lb...

Lines and knots are set in respect of IGFA RULES, we use Bimini Twist, Uniknot, no squivel 

I more and more use Braided lines, as very strong in smaller Diameter so possible to have the necessary 400yards of back up but on light reels...

Fly fishing tackles

Concerning Fly fishing equipment ,  I offer the best I could find in Central America... , (Sage rods and Billy Pate reels #12.13,14 ) Obviously  these equipment are for responsible anglers...In case of damage to equipment ..etc etc.  These equipments are  expensive...  and  we are really fighting Giant Tarpon.. SOME ACCIDENT MAY HAPPEN.. AS BROKEN RODS.. then it would be a problem...

So to avoid any problem I suggest  than you  bring your own tackles, please strong equipments  . 

For our giant tarpon   fly rod  #12 or #13   #11  is a  Minimum.   Necessary to use strong reel with long  back up  I like to have 300 Yards to feel Relax...) 

I provide the necessary specific tarpon flies ( WHISTLER ) , also Rainbow bass and  snook flies, Please have a look at the flies recommended by Mr Peter Gorinsky.. 

Concerning line, for tarpon on fly fishing , we use  sinking line.

For other class of  fly fishing. (  Bass , Mojara, Lagunero, Rainbow or Snook...) I  recommend # 6, 7, 8, 9 


Above my favorite,  WHISTLER ( Tarpon Fly ) under other Tarpon flies


Picture under show Some of the flies we are using for different class of fish   

( Courtesy of Mr. Peter GORINSKY ) 


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Where to find Fishing Tackle In San Jose , Costa Rica 

Deportes KEKO  Frente a la Junta de la  Loteria , close to Hospital de Nino, Carlos, Keko  is a friend since  I came to Costa Rica , 15 years ago,  Don Paris is working there  he love to fish snook , and trust me he is a Master.. Like to go there and talk  you may meet  Vicente , many title of  Costa Rica fishing Champion, or Mr Brenes igfa Snook World record...etc ..

BORBON  In la URUCA  a lot of fishing tackles available, Distibutor of RAPALA,  also Outboard Engines EVINRUDE and Johnson. , Refer from us and ask for Carlos, also see the Work of  Willy ... he can fix almost any fishing tackle...

GILCA S.A close to Railways station to Pacific cost ( ferocaril al Pacifico..) This place is own by Mr Carlos Barantes  IGFA Representative in Costa Rica , JOSE CHANG working there is also  a very good friend of us..Marine Biologis, Conventional and Fly fishing expert ,  he has  really a great Knowledge of l fishing in Costa Rica 



 CLUB NATIONAL DE PESCA, a very active group of anglers organizing  since many years the National Championship, several tournament all year round,  Fishing is from shore.

C.A.P Club amateur de Pesca .. since 1947  ,  Club is member of IGFA since ever , The international Sailfish Tournament organized since so many year has been the event than made Costa Rica being known as an exceptional  destination in the world for quality   of  it's Sport Fishing, Club house is in Rohrmoser , Mrs Grace the secretary is there in the morning every week day and will be glad to provide information upon fishing in Costa Rica.. Members of club  fish from boat, apart from  famous ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENT   several  other tournament are organized. 

TICO TIMES. Every week there is a column published in Local Newspaper TICO TIMES , this article is in English and Writen by MR Jerry Ruhlow , You will find there  news upon fishing  and some Fishing reports   upon preceding weeks ....


E Mail

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