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    Fish Arts, Tarpon...

My pleasure to present on this page the talent of some artist  whose  dedicate their  work to Fish, Fishing... and Tarpon 

Tarpon sculptures,  Tarpon paintings, Tarpon drawings



THE GAME FISH ART OF DAVID OPPENHEIMER  website www.wildaboutglass.net

David Oppenheimer became a refugee from the business world in 1990 and embarked on a career in art.  Having been an avid fisherman since the age of four years old and possessing a fascination with glass, “Opp” combined the two passions with his artistic skills into what he calls, “Stained Glass Taxidermy". Using traditional methods of glass working with stained and fused glass, together with innovative and non-traditional techniques, David creates images of saltwater and freshwater game fish, waterfowl and marine life that appear to have been recently plucked from their environment.
“I hope that when people view my work, a smile comes to their face,” says Opp.  “I want people to get that same emotion of wonder and excitement they feel when
encountering the living creature in the wild.” All work is meticulously carried out and is a unique addition to any collection. Whether the object is as small as a jellyfish or as large as a ten foot blue marlin, each piece is built to last.  No glass paints are used in the execution of Opp’s designs, so with minimal care the colors will be as vivid in 100 years as they are today
.   www.wildaboutglass.net

Kenneth Dyer

Kenneth is sculpting fish in Tropical precious wood, Rose wood, Iron wood....

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Some other work....  Tarpon prints ...



Exist a lot of Arts concerning  Billfish  but only  a few concerning Tarpon... nothing  concerning Rainbow bass...

  "Avis aux Amateurs " . If you know of some artist working on Fish or specifically Tarpon please contact  me , it will be my pleasure to publish a note on their work in this page...I am specifically interested on Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures...

Wish to be in touch with one of these Artists?  Please use the Links or  contact me Philippe Tisseaux at:  tropicalfishing@racsa.co.cr


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