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Tarpon  Jumps Pictures Galery


Tarpon  Pictures  has been shot by  Guests, Journalists or members of my Staff during our  Fishing Expeditions

 on San Juan River,  ( Rio San Juan , in Nicaragua  ) some in Costa Rica Rio Frio ,Cano Negro.


    Please click on picture for much, much better viewing  


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Tarpon pictures Special serie m " Paul and a Tarpon at night:  "

All pictures  in this sequence shot by my  friend 

Mr Yves Van Verbecke  during a trip on San Juan River in Nicaragua 

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1)  I will be glad to publish   your  tarpon pictures. ...    NO DEAD FISH      

Easy give me the link or  E mail these photos to me  with  Explanation or Story .  Philippe Tisseaux   E mail  


2)  We catch and release,   we take picture of jumping fish or fish on side of the boat before release...

We wish to help protecting tarpon in San Juan River reason why since  the 2004 Edition of the Annual  International Tournament  we  offer a Trophy and Fishing Equipments to  the boat than    release     the more tarpon...   This is the only category where I register my Boats.


3)  If you wish to publish or reproduce one of these Tarpon pictures please send me an E mail before publishing, , will be my pleasure to say   Yes.


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