Tarpon Fishing Tournament 

14th & 15th of  September  2003

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San Carlos Sport Fishing



A real  pleasure  to write about  this  2003 edition of the San Carlos International Fishing  Tournament, in my opinion a complete success, and a lot of hope for the future.. as there are more and more rumors of Catch and release trophy for the 2004 Edition... 


As usual for a week all town as been involve  band, music, dance, show...


Since two year during  this week of the 15th of September is also  organized the "an Carlos Feria Comerciale"  with a large and nice exhibition on the main square close to  river banks.. , food fair etc etc... it is also the occasion of a so nice and colorful defile to celebrate the national independence... I sincerely congratulate all the parents who make so big effort in order than their kids will be perfect on that special day , and they are all so clean all with so nice uniform... 

7) Independance Day





Let's back to fishing.. 


We had  many boats registered some coming from Rivas, Granada  and also many anglers , an  international participation with anglers coming from Italy, France, Usa, Ireland and many from Costa Rica .


For the first time an investigation has been held on fish caught during the tournament, done by  student of Universidad de Las Americas...as their final  thesis for post graduate  Master. All Tarpon  caught were without eggs , we presume they have been sponding recently and are in recovery as they are skinny...Sorry for this poor report .. I soon will have more informations and will communicate...3 Investigation


Meanwhile the great question is : I am still wondering why so many tarpon comes here in fresh water at 140 miles from sea??? Any suggestion ? please E mail me at:



A lot of thanks to so many and generous  sponsors...also for their help  since so many years..without you we cannot make it...  a special mention this year for  BORBON company from San Jose who for the first time entered as a sponsor for the tournament..


We had the traditional weather in this season meaning Sun, cloud , rain, sun cloud Rain... but no major rain... only a few wind so almost ideal fishing conditions... 

Fishing has been great for tarpon   the river is  full of fish going up and down.. .. Also it is remarquable to notice than now anglers have better tecnics, using Bimini, Double line etc. almost everybody according to IGFA  rules

..  Problem is in my opinion is than as Anglers get better there  will be more and more tarpon caught  in the future edition   we should stop killing the fish...

In the past  only a few fish were caught...and also there is a local tradition since more than 50 years than tournament is organized.. Fish are traditionally given to poor people of town  or institutions as the hospital, Meanwhile  could this  eventually justified the killing even if "it is only two  days  in the year? "

I like to receive comments  and wishes of anglers about this idea of starting Catch and release...in the tournament. Philippe@nicaraguafishing.com

At San carlos Sport Fishing we fish Rio San Juan almost every day all year long   but systematically we release all tarpon.. with a lot of care sometime it is even  necessary to make reanimation to the fish.. I will be glad to show the process to any interested angler... 

 Also we stopped three month ago to have the tarpon out of water for a picture... we shot pictures on side of the boat... We are also currently experimenting single hooks instead of the Fatal Killer and so dangerous for angler  triple hooks...so we might  be able to avoid using a gaff  ( In this tournament the youngest angler had one of these triple hook in the leg... Fortunately there is a clinic and an hospital in San Carlos ..so nothing major happen but still this young boy as been very very courageous.. see you next year champion... but watch because my two boys Alex and Alain  8 and 9  became nervous when they saw your picture  and next year they will be there... to compete but also to enjoy the so beautiful San Juan River ,  have fun , make new friends  of any nationality,. this is the most important.....  ) 

I already had many talks with members of the comity and  other anglers during  the tournament so far they all agree than next year we shall start to have different price category as for example a special price for the angler or the boat witch release the more fish on tournament days..  San Carlos sport Fishing will sponsor such a price next year... 

Winner for the biggest Tar

Day 7


La Tigra, El Delta

Lunch river banks or aboard

Dinner Night San Juan de Nicaragua



Day 8

Return to Managua with Direct flight from San Juan de Nicaragua to Managua ( On Thursday and Sunday in Managua International around 3.30pm)

Imediate Flight out or Night at Best Western Las Mercedes close from International Airport

pon as been Mr. Gabriel Chamorro a 128lb  a nice fish... specifically as caught on a tournament day... ( My captains at San Carlos Sport Fishing fish almost every day and release daily bigger fish  even Giant as this 235lb caught by My Captain Eliesser Jarquin mena  in June 2003 )...

As a member of the organizing comity  I will be glad to provide additional information on  this so nice San Carlos Tarpon Tournament...

I have a lot of data's , photos etc etc.. Also If you have some please send then to me...

All help, all ideas are welcome, obviously also sponsoring than will make this tournament better and better...

julia7.jpg (20285 bytes)    julia3.jpg (42861 bytes)

San Carlos Sport fishing (click)

  Tarpon Tournament Winner:

Mr. Gabriel Chamoro

 Category TARPON

The biggest fish... 128lb







Scott, Perry and captain Eliesser Jarquin Mena   ,  from San Carlos Sport Fishing Team,  



San Carlos Sport fishing (click) win 4 Trophies for Tarpon:

- 2d biggest 105lb,

- The more acumulated tarpon weight,

- Boat with the more tarpon, 

- Best team 





As every year Bosco Centeno Team  win  several trophy,  First place for the bigger  snook , 3d place for tarpon, and Rainbow bass  trophies




Martin Bernard made second in snook .. beaten from 1/2lb...

He also caught 23 more snook but much smaller


Gabriel obviously anxious..

How much ?

Yes confirmed 128lb, Gabriel is now leader of the tournament.( and will win it...)







Tarpon fishing 2003

Tournament Pictures






Trophies & Party




I know  these pictures will hurt many Anglers, me also ( Obviously ) ... 

They represent  also a part of the tradition as on that day of the tournament ( Fortunately on that day only ) people kill the Tarpon

Since 1955 than tournament is held , the tarpon are weighed then will be given To the Hospital, The Jail, The Army or to the poor...This year before the tarpon  been given an  investigation has been made by students of a University from  Managua , will publish information /Results  as soon as these students  will communicate with me... 





Boats in the tournament....

 From  15 hp to 450 Hp..

BIGINT.jpg (18013 bytes)  sharkyint.jpg (16135 bytes) UNKNOWN1INT.jpg (18008 bytes) sMALL INT.jpg (18908 bytes)JULIA TEAMINT.jpg (21371 bytes) eVITAint.jpg (17519 bytes)

 UNKNOWN2 INT.jpg (18821 bytes) BORBONINT.jpg (18860 bytes)

OSCARINT.jpg (20603 bytes)  Boscoint.jpg (17971 bytes)

    UNKNOWN3INT.jpg (21286 bytes) Sharky.jpg (28931 bytes)  

San Carlos Sport fishing (click)


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